Next to Fougères: a new Harry Potter-style school of witchcraft will open its doors

Next to Fougeres a new Harry Potter style school of witchcraft

By Writing Fougeres Published on 2 Jul 22 at 6:00 PM The Republican Chronicle See my news Follow this media Manuel Roussel (owner of the castle) in the banquet hall. ©Mélissa Coeffard Wingardium Leviosa to levitate objects Stupefy to immobilize someone. Many are still waiting for their letter of admission to join the mythical school … Read more

The Quistillic Zen Garden (22). This new Breton ecotourism site opens its doors on July 1

The Quistillic Zen Garden 22 This new Breton ecotourism site

Since 2020, Laurence Dujardin and David Bourgeois have been working hard to restore a 16th century manor to make it an ecotourism destination, unique in Brittany. The work is nearing completion. The Quistillic Zen Garden offers unusual accommodation in the middle of nature and a wide choice of relaxation and well-being activities. Built on a … Read more

Near Toulouse: the Bagheera Yoga Club opens its doors

Yoga is on the rise in France. On the strength of this national enthusiasm, the Toulouse native Marie Valton co-created the Bagheera Yoga Club. Thanks to a trip to Bali, Marie Valton discovered yoga. Seduced by the discipline, she decides to follow three yoga trainings for his personal development. A teaching that made him want … Read more

Fraud: a manufacturer of magic leaf doors arrested by the police

Fraud a manufacturer of magic leaf doors arrested by the

The National Police in its sovereign mission to protect people and their property has just put an end to the fraudulent activities of an alleged offender claiming to have powers of divination and who can make magic wallets. We offer ourselves the entire statement produced by the institution to present the facts. OPENING STATEMENT Genesis … Read more