Harry Potter: a school of witchcraft inspired by Hogwarts opens in France

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An Ile-et-Vilaine castle dedicated to witchcraft has opened its doors for the 2022 All Saints holidays and is full of visitors who are fans of the Harry Potter universe.

A Breton castle has been transformed into a “school of witchcraft” inspired by the Harry Potter universe. This attraction, launched on October 22, 2022, attracted many visitors for All Saints’ Day, according to our colleagues from France Blue.

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A project

The castle of Rocher-Portail, in Ile-et-Vilaine, was renovated by its owner into a school of witchcraft directly inspired by the universe of Harry Potter, while carefully avoiding naming it. Visitors can go there to discover Fauvedor, Cerfdelune, Boucfleche and Busarde, the 4 houses of the castle, inspired by Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

A veritable school of wizards has opened in Ille-et-Vilaine… u26a1ufe0f
The castle Le Rocher Portail located in Maen Roch opens its doors and offers to discover this new school of wizards during all the All Saints holidays? #HarryPotter #Hogwarts pic.twitter.com/eXfeqgEH6s

— TVR The channel (@TVR35) October 20, 2022

Manuel Roussel bought in 2016 this castle built by Salomon De Bosse, architect of the Luxembourg Palace, in the 17th century according to The Telegram. After having opened the castle to the curious, the new owner finally decides to spend more than 1 million euros to create a “French school of wizards”.

A success for the opening of the castle

For 28 euros, visitors can discover the interior of the castle decorated in the style of JK Rowling’s saga, and inhabited by several teachers of witchcraft. During the visit, the public will be able to take part in spell duels, prepare potions, attend magic tricks or take part in workshops to neutralize a spell. And success is there, with 13,000 visitors during the holidays and dinners at 99 euros bringing together more than 200 people: enough to ensure the future of the 25 employees of the castle.

The interior of the castle, completely redecorated on the theme of witchcraft

But Warner, which owns the rights to the Harry Potter universe, did not like it and multiplied the letters to Manuel Roussel. “It’s really our story and we have created our own universe”, claims the owner, who nevertheless assumes the inspiration behind his attraction. The history of the castle is however used to name the various professors and rooms of the castle, indicates Manuel Roussel: “these are characters who lived here like Ludovica Lutterotti, who was the baron’s tutor in the 19th century and who is the director of school today.”

Manuel Roussel says he hopes to sign an agreement with the company, which would have asked for the castle to be closed.

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Harry Potter: a school of witchcraft inspired by Hogwarts opens in France

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