Ancient puzzle: the fragment of a mysterious Roman dodecahedron discovered in Belgium

Ancient puzzle the fragment of a mysterious Roman dodecahedron discovered

While walking through a plowed field near the small Flemish town of Kortessem (Belgium), amateur archaeologist Patrick Schuermans comes across a mysterious fragment with his detector. Sent to scientists at the Gallo-Roman museum in Tongeren, it was finally identified by experts in December, reports LiveScience January 26, 2023: Although only one corner remains, the original … Read more

Bones discovered in a Masonic temple in Trébons: the conclusions of a first medical opinion

Bones discovered in a Masonic temple in Trebons the conclusions

After the discovery of bones in the basement of a house in Trébons by two youtubeurs, the Parquet of Tarbes shares a first medical opinion on their origin. The discovery of two youtubers caused a stir in the small village of Trébons, and raised controversy on the web. At the end of November, Jo Urbex … Read more

Daloa: a naked man discovered in the players’ room of the Réveil Club, the track of privileged witchcraft

Daloa a naked man discovered in the players room of.webp

A naked individual like an earthworm disturbed the sleep of the players of the Réveil Club de Daloa, on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, around 5 a.m. The presence of this man of about forty, in Adam’s uniform, in the Tazibouo CIE base district, at this early hour, is all the more surprising since the gate, … Read more

The nature of the first black hole discovered, Cygnus-X1, clarified thanks to Ixpe

The 5 tools you need to succeed according to Harvard

The X-ray source called Cygnus X-1 is a legend in the world of astrophysics and X-ray astronomy. It had been the subject of a bet in 1975 between nothing less than stephen hawking and the Nobel Prize in Physics Kip Thornebetting that Hawking will concede losing in 1990. It is towards this source of X-rays … Read more

The remains of a “vampire woman” with a sickle on her neck and a padlocked toe discovered in Poland

The remains of a vampire woman with a sickle on

The burial is somewhat unusual, scientists say. In a 17th century cemetery in the village of Pień, Poland, researchers from Nicholas Copernicus University in the nearby town of Toruń have indeed made a strange discovery: the remains of a woman pinned to the ground by a sickle at of the throat, with the big toe … Read more

Biennale du design de Saint-Etienne: the contemporary influence of traditional micro-architecture to be discovered on the site of Le Corbusier de Firminy

The Saint-Etienne Contemporary Art Biennial welcomes Jonathan Omar & Lionel Dinis-Salazar. The two designers from the Döppel studio present their vision of the architect’s shed and ask us about our use of natural resources. The field of possibilities, micro-architectures to experiment with settles down in the lower parts of the church of Saint-Pierre du Le … Read more

China may have discovered extraterrestrial signals!

China may have discovered extraterrestrial signals

News hardware China may have discovered extraterrestrial signals! Published on 06/19/2022 at 19:15 A Chinese report unveiled a few days ago, and which has since mysteriously disappeared, suggested that the giant Sky Eye telescope had detected radio signals probably coming from an “extraterrestrial civilization”. The mystery is complete! “We are not alone !” This sentence, … Read more

Oldest evidence of Maya divination calendar discovered

Oldest evidence of Maya divination calendar discovered.webp

In Guatemala, archaeologists have discovered the oldest recorded evidence of the Mayan calendar: two fragments of wall paintings. When assembled, these reveal a notation known as “7 stags”. Details of the study are published in the journal Science Advances. Four Mayan Calendars The Maya had four calendars. One is the sacred divination calendar or Tzolk’in. … Read more