Marie Cau, first transgender mayor: “My lie was a prison”

Marie Cau first transgender mayor My lie was a prison

Marie Cau, at the Vernet hotel, in Paris, on October 21, 2022. PATRICE NORMAND / LEEXTRA VIA OP Elected mayor of Tilloy-lez-Marchiennes in the North in 2020, Marie Cau, 57, became the first transgender woman to gain such a mandate. A double recognition that she savors after a long fight to assume and love oneself. … Read more

Vigils to be organized throughout France on December 8 to say “Thank you Marie”

Vigils to be organized throughout France on December 8 to

In this year of the Centenary of the proclamation of Mary patroness of France and of Joan of Arc, secondary patroness, several Marian and missionary movements are mobilizing so that this December 8 is a huge “Thank you Mary” throughout the country. They relay the initiative of the association Merci Marie, which, from Lyon, since … Read more

“The announcement made to Marie”: Philippe Leroux and Célie Pauthe echo the night

1666132273 The announcement made to Marie Philippe Leroux and Celie Pauthe

In a setting of stone and images imagined by Célie Pauthe, Philippe Leroux signs a score destined to mark a milestone. Supported by the libretto, as close as possible to the lines of the author, by Raphaèle Fleury, a great specialist in Claudel; by the Cairn ensemble which confirms its high qualities of interpretation of … Read more

Marie de Barquin gave up everything to become a tutor: “If the Mena no longer need me, so much the better”

Marie de Barquin gave up everything to become a tutor

In the light of a long career in the youth assistance sector, Marie de Barquin gave up everything ten years ago to become a professional tutor for unaccompanied foreign minors (UAM). Since then, she has attended more than 160.

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Astrology The alignment of the stars tells us that these

Son of the village, compatriot, citizen and Cameroonian politician No cause, no matter how noble, no ambition or exaltation of any patriotism or nationalism, can justify the sacrifice of the bond of blood and the bond of land. By wanting to please too much or by prioritizing positions of pure circumstance too much, one inevitably … Read more

Marie Bucaille, la sorcière de Cherbourg, condamnée à être pendue et étranglée

Marie Bucaille la sorciere de Cherbourg condamnee a etre pendue

Par Adèle Enguehard Publié le 24 Août 22 à 19:20  mis à jour le 24 Août 22 à 19:28 La Presse de la Manche Voir mon actu Suivre ce média Avec ses remparts, son château fort et ses procès en sorcellerie, le Cherbourg du XVIIe siècle est bien moyenâgeux (©M. de Bon, « Cherbourg », Les ports militaires … Read more

The artist Marie Goussé highlights the mysterious nails of the abbey of Saint-Riquier

The artist Marie Gousse highlights the mysterious nails of the scaled

By Olivier Bacquet Published on 30 Aug 22 at 12:12 The Journal d’Abbeville See my news Follow this media The thousands of nails that bristle the south facade of the Abbey of Saint-Riquier inspired the artist Marie Goussé. How many times have I already passed through the gardens of the Abbey of Saint-Riquier? Dozens of … Read more

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong: this yoga teacher accused of a sordid murder that keeps the United States in suspense

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong this yoga teacher accused of a sordid

The run continues for Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, wanted since May 2022 for the bloody murder of her rival as part of a tragic love triangle… She is currently wanted for murder and is even the subject of a reward. It is Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, a 35-year-old yoga teacher who has been under arrest since May … Read more

Discover numerology with the books of Editions Marie Claire

Numerology: decode the numbers around you Calculating your life path is part of numerology is one of the oldest and most representative. But what exactly is it for? How to calculate your life path? And above all, how does it give meaning to one’s life? Numerology is not clairvoyance. You can’t predict the future with … Read more