The Crown, Downton Abbey… 10 big time inconsistencies in historical series

The Crown Downton Abbey… 10 big time inconsistencies in historical

We don’t know you but the editorial staff of Seriously is very fond of historical series. However, directors and screenwriters are not necessarily seasoned historians. Of Downton Abbey at Stranger Thingshere are 10 time inconsistencies that have not gone unnoticed. An inconsistency in Downton abbey spotted by Queen Elizabeth II © ITV You are a … Read more

Arthous Abbey: “Ichtus”, fisherman of dreams

Arthous Abbey Ichtus fisherman of dreams

PMore than 850 visitors just for the European Heritage Days. A second guest book opened to collect the unanimous opinions of all those who have stopped in front of Daniel Mestanza’s installations. Caroline Ramond, coordinator of the “Ichtus” exhibition, visible at the Abbey of Arthous in Hastingues, still cannot believe it: “It is certain that … Read more

The artist Marie Goussé highlights the mysterious nails of the abbey of Saint-Riquier

The artist Marie Gousse highlights the mysterious nails of the scaled

By Olivier Bacquet Published on 30 Aug 22 at 12:12 The Journal d’Abbeville See my news Follow this media The thousands of nails that bristle the south facade of the Abbey of Saint-Riquier inspired the artist Marie Goussé. How many times have I already passed through the gardens of the Abbey of Saint-Riquier? Dozens of … Read more