Publication of children’s books in January 2022: a grand return to school

Publication of childrens books in January 2022 a grand return

2023 promises to be spectacular with the new children’s publications in January! The small literary season arrives with interesting readings for both children and teenagers. Discover the recommendations of Unidivers. Children’s album – from 3 years old A siesta Camille Romanetto 06 January 2023 Little Urban Editions 32 pages 14,90€ Summary It’s nap time. A … Read more

Last-minute Christmas gifts: here are some books by authors from the Pays de Bray or a little further afield

Last minute Christmas gifts here are some books by authors from

By Writing Neufchâtel-en-Bray Published on 22 Dec 22 at 17:48 The Awakening of Neufchâtel See my news Follow this media Here are some books to offer or to afford. (©Archives The Awakening of Neufchâtel) Several residents of Country of Bray and surroundings have taken up the pen in recent months. A variety of books have … Read more

Books, records, TV: our Christmas picks

Books records TV our Christmas picks

Posted Dec 16 2022 at 6:01 am Stories, tales, golden or black, Christmas standard reinvented by pop, soul and rock stars, animated film, winter series or gala show… Our latest selection of Weekend is entirely festive. See you next year ! Chronicles of Dino Buzzati, a contemporary tale, a Victorian thriller… Spoiled for choice for … Read more

Children’s books: Our favorites for Christmas

Childrens books Our favorites for Christmas

by Bénédicte Delelis and Anne-Charlotte Larroque, Mame, 48 p., €19.90. Those who, in their tender years, immersed themselves with delight in the Christmas albums inherited from previous generations, will read this tale with happiness to their children. We are in winter at the beginning of the 20th century, in the toy section of the Parisian … Read more

Harry Potter: 10 quotes that prove the books are funnier than the movies | Pretty Reel

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

While characters like Jacob Kowalski bring a strong element of comedy to the Fantastic Beasts series, Newt’s story didn’t live up to Harry Potter. This has led many to wonder if the franchise as a whole will ever recover. Perhaps it would be more successful if he released films that better matched the charming appeal … Read more

Christmas 2022: Saint Michel, Notre-Dame de Paris, Taoism… five ideas for beautiful books on spirituality to offer

Christmas 2022 Saint Michel Notre Dame de Paris Taoism five ideas

Saint Michel Under the direction of Giorgio Otranto and Sandro Chierici Venison, 260 p., €49 The Archangel Saint Michael represented by Agnolo Bronzino in the chapel of Eleanor of Toledo at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. / AGNOLO BRONZINO/THE COLLECTION With his large wings and his sword, Saint Michael is one of the familiar religious … Read more

Harry Potter: 10 Hermione’s Biggest Dreams From The Books That Came True In The End | Pretty Reel

Harry Potter 10 Hermiones Biggest Dreams From The Books That

Warner Bros. Discovery recently looked to expand its Harry Potter content with potential new offerings from across the wizarding world. Whether it’s a TV show or a movie isn’t yet known, but it’s a good time to reflect on the original series that inspired this larger shared universe. Hermione Granger is of course a key … Read more

Game Of Thrones: 10 Things From The Books About Daenerys The Show Changed | Pretty Reel

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

The Game of Thrones franchise and the Targaryens are back in the spotlight thanks to HBO’s House of the Dragon, and it was Daenerys Targaryen who helped popularize the dragonlord family. Emilia Clarke’s performance made the character an icon of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire adaptation by showing her determination to … Read more