CBD, yoga, personal development books… The well-being market is not experiencing the crisis

Anxiety, depression, insomnia: the French have low morale. To the delight of anti-stress product merchants, who promise anxious people a little serenity thanks to their more or less inexpensive products. With the health crisis, the sales of these well-being merchants have leapt over the past two years. And it is not the founder of Morphée … Read more

Indian literature: ghosts, ubiquitous destitute people, two disturbing books – Asialyst

Indian literature ghosts ubiquitous destitute people two disturbing books

On a street in Calcutta, capital of West Bengal in northwest India. (Source : Flickr) The novel wounds of the dead takes us from the depths of the Indian countryside to the afterlife, while the news of The Awakening of the Nothing plunge us into the slums of Calcutta. Banyan editions, a small house specializing … Read more

Witches and witchcraft: these 5 books that have bewitched us

Witches and witchcraft these 5 books that have bewitched us

Autumn and its increasingly long nights, windows lined with pumpkins and pointy hats, Halloween is here. It is therefore the perfect opportunity to talk about witches and witchcraft, because this female figure (and now a feminist) has regained her letters of nobility, mainly thanks to literature. Here are the 5 favorites of the CNEWS editorial … Read more

10 astrology books to discover urgently

Whether you want to discover astrology or you are already fully into this practice, know that some books could bring you a lot. Beautiful astrology books to offer, technical guides or specialized works on a specific aspect of astrology, there is something for everyone. Discover our top 10. books to learn astrology You are interested … Read more

Discover numerology with the books of Editions Marie Claire

Numerology: decode the numbers around you Calculating your life path is part of numerology is one of the oldest and most representative. But what exactly is it for? How to calculate your life path? And above all, how does it give meaning to one’s life? Numerology is not clairvoyance. You can’t predict the future with … Read more

Modern witchcraft: 3 books to know everything about this trend

Modern witchcraft 3 books to know everything about this trend

Rituals, incantations, spells… Modern witchcraft is in vogue, eyeing the side of personal development, feminist positivism and the relationship with nature. More and more people are turning to this more truly occult practice, whether to discover a new spiritual path, to connect with themselves, the surrounding world, or simply out of curiosity. Here are 3 … Read more

Reading advice – A selection of books to devour for 9 – 15 year olds – IDBOOX

Reading advice A selection of books to devour for

Here is a selection of three books, to dream, vibrate and take your mind off things for 9-15 year olds. We will give you our opinion on: The In Betweenby Marc Klein (Stardust). Memories of the forest – The memories of Ferdinand Taupeby Mickaël Brun-Arnaud (L’école des loisirs). Wizards T1 : The sources of the … Read more