Harry Potter: 10 Hermione’s Biggest Dreams From The Books That Came True In The End | Pretty Reel

Harry Potter 10 Hermiones Biggest Dreams From The Books That

Warner Bros. Discovery recently looked to expand its Harry Potter content with potential new offerings from across the wizarding world. Whether it’s a TV show or a movie isn’t yet known, but it’s a good time to reflect on the original series that inspired this larger shared universe. Hermione Granger is of course a key … Read more

Game Of Thrones: 10 Things From The Books About Daenerys The Show Changed | Pretty Reel

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The Game of Thrones franchise and the Targaryens are back in the spotlight thanks to HBO’s House of the Dragon, and it was Daenerys Targaryen who helped popularize the dragonlord family. Emilia Clarke’s performance made the character an icon of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire adaptation by showing her determination to … Read more

Five books by Annie Ernaux that say the status of women like no one else

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Through her work, the author, Nobel Prize for Literature 2022, has constantly held up a mirror to women of several generations. She is the first French woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature. Through the work of Annie Ernaux, the Stockholm Academy wanted to distinguish on October 6 an author who “constantly and from … Read more

“The Spy Who Loved Books”, a daring spy novel from the master of the genre, a meditation on political and family legacies

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A posthumous novel by John Le Carré, “The Spy Who Loved Books” is a daring spy novel and a meditation on political and family legacies. It is the universe of the master of the spy novel, John Le Carré, that Sophie Creuz invites us to rediscover with the posthumous novel “The spy who loved books”. … Read more

Children’s books – Esther Duflo, Nobel Prize in Economics, talks about child poverty

Childrens books Esther Duflo Nobel Prize in Economics talks

It is not because we are addressing children that we have to be simplistic. Esther Duflo sticks to it throughout the first books in a series that will eventually number ten at Seuil Jeunesse. The 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics invites young people to ask themselves the right questions about poverty. Awareness“We lived in the … Read more

WoT’s Dragon Reborn Reveal Was Disappointing (If You Haven’t Read The Books) | Pretty Reel

WoTs Dragon Reborn Reveal Was Disappointing If You Havent Read

Rand al’Thor’s reveal as the Dragon Reborn at the end of Season 1 of The Wheel of Time may not have come as a big surprise, but it was disappointing, especially for viewers who don’t know. hadn’t read the books in the Prime Video series. based on. The reveal was true to the source material, … Read more

The books you liked this summer

The books you liked this summer

Essays, novels, biographies… Find the ranking of best-selling books from August 26 to September 1 in La Procure bookstores. A selection of inspiring readings from books published over the past four months. 1The Shroud of Turin Summary : by Jean-Christian Petitfils, Tallandier, August 2022. In this complete synthesis, far from any polemical spirit, Jean-Christian Petitfils … Read more