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Numerology: decode the numbers around you

Calculating your life path is part of numerology is one of the oldest and most representative. But what exactly is it for? How to calculate your life path? And above all, how does it give meaning to one’s life? Numerology is not clairvoyance. You can’t predict the future with numerology. It is a tool dedicated to self-knowledge. And once we have taken control of this powerful tool, then it is possible to adapt the future of our life to achieve its destiny.

The numerology being a divinatory art like astrology and clairvoyance is thriving and gaining a lot of followers. This may mean that many people have found good through this practice. Obviously, numerology influences the whole life of the individual and his whole destiny. The stages of an individual’s life are determined by their magic number, an indispensable element in numerology.

The main role of numerology is to help people make the right decision at each difficult or decisive period of their life, which means that before starting something new, the individual must first consult a numerologist to see what the numbers say about his project. With this initiative, the individual will have some additional information which will push him either to concretize his project because the moment is very favorable, or to wait because the moment is not suitable for the project, by dint of insisting, he can fail .

Numerology, a tool for self-knowledge

On the day of your birth, you generated a numerological portrait that corresponds to your soul mission. It is a representation of your soul contract in this lifetime. Numerology – the study of number symbolism – aims to interpret your soul mission and reveal your spiritual contract. All the keys you will need are in this book from Editions marie claire.

The three key figures of your numerological picture: Several numbers hide in your date of birth and in your first and last name, but only three of them have a significant impact. Throughout this book, this is what we will call “the three key figures of the numerological portrait”. Your numerological portrait consists of:

birth number: the day of the month you were born;
life path: the sum of all the numbers in the
Date of Birth ;

expression number: the sum of all the letters of the surname and first name at birth (chapter well detailed in the manual). The whole forms a powerful triad: the numerological portrait, a spiritual and concrete formula specific to each one. The numerological portrait reveals the secrets of your birth contract: your exceptional gifts, your talents, your personality, the nature of your mission and the corresponding teachings. Each of these three personal frequencies depicts the way you think, feel, act and live. They form the basis of your divine genetic code.

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Discover numerology with the books of Editions Marie Claire

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