Personal year in numerology, how to do your calculations?

To display Hide the table of contents There are many divinatory arts which make it possible to know elements of its future. Numerology is a discipline based on numbers. By the way, there are several numbers in numerology. For example, life path, number of expressions, the ancestral number, etc. all these numbers can be calculated … Read more

First name love and friendship compatibility: find if you are soul mates thanks to numerology.

First name love and friendship compatibility find if you are

Are you an incorrigible romantic? Or are you wondering if you would be a good friend to someone? No need to pull out your tarot cards or call a random clairvoyant. The answer is written in the numbers! Yes ! For all the pragmatic fact checkers out there, we are pleased to introduce a little … Read more

Life Path 9, Year 9 Numerology

Numerology character 9: Dynamic, lively, enterprising, you are communicative and outgoing. Cheerful, almost always optimistic and in a good mood, you are a real sweetie! Altruistic, generous, you are emotional, a born humanist. You love others and life, which also makes you love the various pleasures of life. You have a hypersensitivity that often plays … Read more