Here’s How to Use Numerology to Uncover Your Life Path (and It’s Weirdly Accurate)

15 combinations of signs to form the perfect couple

Now we add all the main numbers: 9 (date of birth) + 1 (month of birth) + 1 (year of birth) = 11. We then deduce this number by adding its digits: 1+1=2. This means that your life course number is 2 and that you are considered a builder or a protester. Destiny number Your … Read more

Numerology: what is the “life path” and how to calculate it?

We all know astrology, the horoscope, (and for some experts) the birth chart, but do you know the “path of life”? Thanks to a series of defined calculations, this technique derived from numerology allows you to know the outline of your destiny, but also to simply learn more about your personality and that of your … Read more

In Dieppe, lovers of clairvoyance, numerology and tarot have an appointment at the casino

In Dieppe lovers of clairvoyance numerology and tarot have an

From Friday November 11 to Sunday November 13, 2022, the Dieppe casino and its small theater are hosting a stage of the Clairvoyance Weekends. The name brings together different disciplines of the divinatory arts. Patrick Sardais, numerologist and tarologist, presents his career and his professions. Weekends of clairvoyance stop in Dieppe from Friday November 11 … Read more

Discover your love compatibility according to numerology

Discover your love compatibility according to numerology scaled

We all know our astrological sign, but do you know your number? He will also allow you to learn more about your personality, and your love compatibility with your crush! Numerology is the belief that numbers and letters have special meaning and impact on our future and our journey in life. There are several types … Read more

Arithmancy, numerology and astrology, by Hervé Lehning

Arithmancy numerology and astrology by Herve Lehning

Modern numerology is also called arithmancy, a word that comes from the Greek and means prophecy by numbers. Numerological standards are hardly fixed. The most frequent claims to predict the future of a person by using his first and last names… to transform them into numbers between 1 and 9. The most common rule is … Read more