Arles 2022: Louis Vuitton Editions: Miles Aldrige – Cordoue – The Eye of Photography Magazine

Synonymous with the art of traveling since 1854, Louis Vuitton continues to add titles to its “Fashion Eye” collection. Each book evokes a city, a region or a country, seen through the eyes of a photographer. Since his first trip to Cordoba, Miles Aldrige has kept the same loving gaze for the luxury and heaviness … Read more

Discover numerology with the books of Editions Marie Claire

Numerology: decode the numbers around you Calculating your life path is part of numerology is one of the oldest and most representative. But what exactly is it for? How to calculate your life path? And above all, how does it give meaning to one’s life? Numerology is not clairvoyance. You can’t predict the future with … Read more

Mauve: Flaming Sorcery at Rue de Sèvres Editions –

Mauve Flaming Sorcery at Rue de Sevres Editions

Even more so when a foreigner, named Mauve, arrives at college. Everything is falling apart! As if the entire town had something to blame on two families in particular!! Evil has taken place and it will take courage and “magical” unity to discover the truth… Mauve, third part of a bewitching youth and pre-adolescent series, … Read more