Viva Magenta plants: top 4 of the most beautiful types to have in the garden!

It’s 2023 and we have the new Pantone Color of the Year! After last year’s cold but lively Very Peri, this year we have the fiery and sensual Viva Magenta! This color is a bright and vivid shade of pink-violet. And yes, you can wear it, decorate, paint your house, and even apply make-up with … Read more

Horoscope: in mid-January, beautiful developments await these three astrological signs – Elle

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

It is often said of month of January it’s the saddest of the year. A cold, slow, sometimes even depressing period. Forget the clichés, because heaven has decided otherwise. In the next few days, the stars will bring light back to life. Something to reconnect with good humor and lightness. This is at least what … Read more

The January 7 Full Moon Brings Beautiful Things To These Lucky Zodiac Signs

The January 7 Full Moon Brings Beautiful Things To These

This beginning of the year is like a blank slate that we are about to fill with the events that will soon occur! New changes and new perspectives are therefore to be expected… Mars and Mercury in retrograde and Full Moon in Cancer in a few days. For some it is a crushing weight, while … Read more

Beautiful surprises arrive at Christmas for 3 signs of the zodiac: who are the lucky ones?

1670963795 Beautiful surprises arrive at Christmas for 3 signs of the

They will be able to celebrate Christmas with great fanfare, for good reason, these zodiac signs will not lack luck in December. Astrological movements will be the keys to their fulfillment. They can count for this on the entry of the Sun in Capricorn on December 21 as well as the new moon in Capricorn … Read more

Christmas 2022: Saint Michel, Notre-Dame de Paris, Taoism… five ideas for beautiful books on spirituality to offer

Christmas 2022 Saint Michel Notre Dame de Paris Taoism five ideas

Saint Michel Under the direction of Giorgio Otranto and Sandro Chierici Venison, 260 p., €49 The Archangel Saint Michael represented by Agnolo Bronzino in the chapel of Eleanor of Toledo at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. / AGNOLO BRONZINO/THE COLLECTION With his large wings and his sword, Saint Michael is one of the familiar religious … Read more

The Kuru Private Resort, a beautiful getaway in the heart of the Finnish forest

The rays of the sun break through the Siberian pines and the towering birches. Located on the edge of the fourth largest lake from Europethe Kuru Private Resort has a front row seat to admire the Finnish forests. An immersive experience Well-being and relaxation are the watchwords of the hotel. Ulia Kivela / DR Initially … Read more

Crush at Shein with the most beautiful New Year’s Eve dresses for less than 40 euros

Crush at Shein with the most beautiful New Years Eve

Are you looking for a glamorous dress for your New Year’s Eve? Shein unveils its prettiest models for less than 40 € for broke budgets! To be the most beautiful on New Year’s Eve, there is no need to ruin yourself. At Shein, discover the prettiest evening dresses for less than 40 euros. A real … Read more