The 10 most beautiful poetic names for girls

Ah, poetry… Since men have been aligning verses, it has made people travel and dream of romance or adventure, recounting the journeys of great men and women of power of all ages. So, why not embark your little girl on these epics with a pretty poetic first name?

Why choose a poetic female first name?

Whether it’s a first name with poetic meaning, or a reminiscent of a certain current of this art, it is a multitude of choices available to you and this, in all languages. Yes, poetry knows no borders or language barriers!

You can thus opt for the first name of an emblematic figure of poetry, adventurer or muse, the choice is yours! But you can also opt for a first name whose translation or meaning takes on something lyrical, poetic. This is the case of many japanese female names or even Greeks, in particular.

Which poetic female first name to choose for a little girl?

Whether they tell a story of love or adventure, female poetic first names have that little something that other names don’t have. Some celebrities already have first names of this kind, such as influencer Léna Situations, whose first name means “sunshine” in Greek.

Poetry is hidden both in the meaning of first name than in the poetic character to which it refers. This is the beauty of this art, which has been able to infiltrate language, regardless of the language.

The 10 most beautiful poetic female names

This arabic first name translates to “wild flower”. The opportunity to give your little girl a certain bond with nature, and unfailing loyalty.

This Japanese first name means “child of the sun”.

The stars have not finished inspiring us! Léna comes from the Greek and means “sunshine”. Just look at the famous Léna Situations to understand the radiance of the Léna, and their infinite benevolence towards others.

This first name comes from Latin and means “which relates to the sky”. Its infinitely poetic dimension opens up an adventurous spirit to the little girls who wear it. Explorers and full of joie de vivre, the Celeste have an incomparable open-mindedness.

Still in the lexical field of the stars, this first name refers to a constellation located in the Milky Way.

The sweetness of the meaning of this name will make you melt. Nada can be translated as “morning dew” and comes straight from Slavic.

Muse and object of love of the poet Guillaume Apollinaire, Louise de Coligny-Châtillon, aviator, appears in the correspondence and poems exchanged between her and the poet. She is presented there under the nickname “Lou”.

A strong female figure in Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope symbolizes loving loyalty, devotion and patience. She waits twenty years during the return of her husband, Ulysses, and demonstrates inventiveness to avoid having to remarry during his absence and for lack of news.

In the three Chants des Poèmes antiques by Alfred de Vigny, Éloa, sister of the angels, appears. The poet describes Eloa’s benevolence and compassion towards her brother, Lucifer, relegated to hell following his revolt against God.

We find this first name in many poems and plays, notably in Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond de Rostand. This Persian first name refers to dawn.

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The 10 most beautiful poetic names for girls

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