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It is often said of month of January it’s the saddest of the year. A cold, slow, sometimes even depressing period. Forget the clichés, because heaven has decided otherwise. In the next few days, the stars will bring light back to life. Something to reconnect with good humor and lightness. This is at least what the astrologer Jean-Yves Espié seems to make us understand in his forecasts. Like every week, he studied planetary movements, he scanned the stars, before sharing his horoscope. Between January 5 and 11, 2023, the energies align. Full Moon in Cancer, end of retrograde Mars, passage of Venus in Aquarius. Three astrological signs could well see their lives change completely in the coming days. A positive transformation, provided they know how to take advantage of the luck that hangs over their heads. Decryption.

Horoscope: what will mid-January 2023 look like?

January is a transformative month. It is the time of good resolutions, that of recovery, of renewal. The atmosphere could seem unstable and yet, the stars help us to put our minds and our lives in order to move forward more serenely. There is Mercury retrograde, first, which continues to raise questions. The planet of communication pushes us to review our priorities and inject more sincerity into our exchanges. The Full Moon in Cancer of January 7 revives our emotions. What are the fears and misunderstandings that we wish to abandon? If the first part of the week is more intended to dive into introspection, for the rest everything becomes easier.

As time goes by, we gradually move towards the season of Aquarius by detaching ourselves from that of Capricorn. This year, everything is accelerating with the passage of Venus in Aquarius. The goddess of love and harmony is there to help us work on the meaning of the term sharing and on common values. What place do you occupy in society? With your loved ones? By forming beautiful alliances with Jupiter (luck and expansion) and Mars (ambition), the beauty glorifies our social relationships. Meetings that are out of the ordinary could take place. The opportunity to think outside the box, to explore new avenues and, who knows, to fall for someone you would never have thought of. The next few days therefore promise to be surprising.

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Horoscope: here is the luckiest astrological sign of the week

Winter is always a season that appeals to Sagittarians. After their birthday and the holiday season, the zodiac centaurs have their eyes shining. If they still had the impression of being a little in the dark (the hangover is not only cosmic!), everything should become simpler in the coming days. “With the support of Venus and Jupiter, a period of enlightenment and success is coming. In the sky, the stars align to help Sagittarius realize his greatest dreams. The arrival of Venus at her friend Aquarius thus helps her to reconnect with lightness. Sagittarius loves encounters. The goddess of romance awakens her playful side and her need to live out her desires. “When the planet of love makes eyes at you, you know how to attract sympathy,” emphasizes Jean-Yves Espié. The celestial recipe is made to help Sagittarius to dive into an idyll, to frolic and above all, to let yourself be carried away by listening a little more to your heart.

His rising popularity rating restores his confidence. More unpredictable than ever, Sagittarius should shine with their freedom of action. Everything he undertakes, especially in his private life, is likely to end in success. It must be said that Venus is not the only one to have set her sights on Sagittarius. Jupiter, queen of expansion and ruling planet of this sign, ensures that the good humor of Sagittarius makes life easier. It guides him towards others, allows him to be seen, to be understood. Beautiful alliances could be signed in the coming days, but, above all, Sagittarius is facing an ideal situation to multiply the good times. “Add to that the boost of the planet of luck, and you’re off to lift the spirits of those in need with contagious optimism. »

Horoscope: the career of this astrological sign could take off

If for some, the month of January is a low point to be able to rest and slow down, for Taurus it is above all the time to plan for the aftermath. As a good sign of Earth, this pragmatist seeks to advance his pawns and establish his position to ensure his safety. He will be able to count on the support of several astral energies to prepare his action plan. The astrologer warns: “The solar star and Mercury have made an appointment in an accomplice sector, and they will not go unnoticed. » Energy (Sun) and communication (Mercury) will be the keys to succeed. A turning point could then be taken.

“If you are about to negotiate a major shift, you will have a good overview of the issues involved. The situation is ideal for driving change. Whether the bull can sometimes hesitate for a long time before daring to start (he needs to assess all the risks using Excel tables), the stars push him to think outside the box. For him, it’s time to take the plunge. “Otherwise, it would also be an opportunity to have your stability and seriousness recognized and to obtain a deserved return. On the professional side, everything suggests that Taurus has a good card to play. We trust him, we give credit to his ideas, value to his work. If he dares to face up by sharing his desires, he could obtain a bonus which he did not necessarily expect.

Horoscope: changes to be expected in the love life of this astrological sign

For several weeks, the Gemini had lost speed. A complicated slump for a sign as communicative and fiery as him… Fortunately, the wheel of the zodiac is still turning. In the sky, the energies are never the same from one week to another and that should delight Gemini. The entry of Venus into an Air sign (her element) is good. “Venus forms an influence with Mars that brings you both charm and daring. “What to restore the image of the Gemini. Result: this big child smiles again. It is especially in his sentimental life that this flood of good vibes seems to act. Naughty, clever, Gemini goes back to going out, charming and flirting.

“If Venus stimulates your relational know-how to make you appreciated, Mars awakens your reactivity to seize the ball when it comes to improving your business. A little extra: the influence of Mars also awakens his libido and his wildest desires. A mixture of charisma and audacity then seizes him. A cocktail that should make him unstoppable. As we know, Gemini masters the art of the verb like no one else. Able to extricate himself from all situations, he always causes a sensation. Reinvigorated, he has an idea in mind and all the chances on his side to succeed in achieving his goals. A crush could then very quickly end in a sulphurous story…

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Horoscope: in mid-January, beautiful developments await these three astrological signs – Elle

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