Viva Magenta plants: top 4 of the most beautiful types to have in the garden!

Viva Magenta plants top 4 of the most beautiful types

It’s 2023 and we have the new Pantone Color of the Year! After last year’s cold but lively Very Peri, this year we have the fiery and sensual Viva Magenta! This color is a bright and vivid shade of pink-violet. And yes, you can wear it, decorate, paint your house, and even apply make-up with Viva Magenta… But have you thought about the garden? This color is incredibly beautiful and unique. If you want to add some color and originality, then why not plant Viva Magenta colored plants in the garden? Let’s see our favorites and how these plants can turn your garden into a true paradise!

viva magenta color plants

Viva Magenta color plants: Pantone color 2023 in the garden!

Here are four divinely beautiful flowers that you must have in your garden at all costs! Or…why not bring some inside the house for some much-needed natural decoration? Either way, the list we’ve chosen consists of wonderful, easy-to-care-for plants that burn with the sultry fire of Viva Magenta. If you believe in color symbolism, love plants, and want to manifest good things in your life, even better! This color attracts love, happiness, sensuality and passion. If you are more curious about what your lucky plant, we invite you to inquire! However, if you don’t believe in symbolism and the law of attraction, adding this color to your garden will most certainly turn it into a divine space! Let’s talk about it !

Plant Begonia in the garden: a real dream in Viva Magenta

begonia plant

The Viva Magenta Begonia is an explosion of beauty in the garden, a shimmering gem that brings a touch of glamor to any space. Its rich, vibrant petals are like a burning flame, catching the attention of all who gaze upon it. This wonderful flower is a symbol of passion, which ignites the imagination and fills the soul.

Begonia care is fairly simple, as this resilient beauty adapts to most environments. With a little love and attention, it will reward you with its fiery glow, transforming your garden into a paradise of vibrant hues. If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of elegance and excitement to your outdoor space, look no further than the alluring Begonia in Viva Magenta.

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The red cactus: flowering in fiery red

red cactus plant viva magenta color plants

The red cactus is a unique and captivating presence in the plant world. It stands tall, with its vibrant red hues glowing like embers in the sun. This resilient beauty is a symbol of strength and vitality, reminding us to stand tall and embrace the world with boldness and courage.

Introducing a red cactus into your home is like welcoming a ray of sunshine into your life. Its flamboyant glow will light up any room, spreading joy and love wherever it goes. And to care for this amazing specimen, just provide it with bright, indirect light and let its soil dry out completely before watering it again.

So why not invite the red cactus into your life? This striking beauty will be the ultimate decoration, elevating your space and filling it with its fiery passion and boundless energy.

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Daylilies in Viva Magenta: fantasy in real life

daylilies varieties

Viva Magenta daylilies are eye-catching beacons of color that illuminate any space with their magnetic beauty. These bold, radiant blooms embody the spirit of Viva Magenta, their fiery hues blazing like a ray of sunshine in the garden. They are a symbol of energy and life, inviting joy and happiness into any space.

In fact, planting daylilies in your garden or keeping them potted at home is opening the doors to a world of beauty. Their captivating colors will amaze and delight all who enter your space, elevating it with their vibrant charm. And the best part is that to take care of these amazing flowers, you just need to provide them with plenty of sun, moist soil and adequate drainage.

Plant Heucheras in the garden and invite happiness into your home

Heucheras in the garden

With its vibrant hues and lush, textured leaves, the Heuchera, the latest of the Viva Magenta colored plants, is a work of art, beautifying any room with its fiery radiance. It is a symbol of vitality and growth, reminding us that even in the midst of chaos, there is always beauty to be found.

Caring for Heuchera is a simple and rewarding task, as this plant thrives in bright, indirect light and well-drained soil. And as it grows, its timeless beauty will continue to grace all guests in your home, reminding them of the joy and wonder that exists in the world around us.

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Viva Magenta plants: top 4 of the most beautiful types to have in the garden!

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