Can you succeed in attracting your crush thanks to the “Tinkerbell effect”?

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If you are familiar with the placebo effect or the art of manifestation or the law of attraction, then you may have already heard of the famous “Tinkerbell effect” better known as the “Tinker Bell effect”. ” in English. Accumulating more than 9 million views on TikTok, the hashtag #Tinkerbelleffect brings together hundreds of explanatory … Read more

What is this trick that can make your crush addicted?

Astro your horoscope for Tuesday July 5 2022

Astrology is becoming more and more democratized in popular culture and, with it, many esoteric practices are emerging every day. Just as Sex magick would make it possible to obtain what one wishes thanks to an orgasm or even the manifest dating would make it possible to attract to oneself the ideal relationship, the whispering … Read more