They were born girls in countries where being a woman is too expensive. They were born girls and were forever marked as animals, though it was not a mark on their skin but sewn into their souls. An invisible tattoo. They were born girls, and just because they were girls, they didn’t have the rights … Read more

A Marseille priest at the stake for bewitching young girls

There is no one size fits all meditation says Steven

Of the wizards who officiated in Marseille, he is for sure the less famous of the two. Certainly, residents and supporters of OM know Raymond Goethalsnicknamed the “Belgian wizard”, who carried the football club of the city on the roof of Europe one evening in May 1993. Fewer, on the other hand, remember Louis Gaufridy, … Read more

14-Year-Old Girl’s Science Experiment Will Be Performed Aboard the International Space Station

14 Year Old Girls Science Experiment Will Be Performed Aboard the International

Grace Stumpf, 14, has always had a passion for the sky. Some of his favorite childhood memories were making paper airplanes with his dad and seeing which models flew the best. These activities allowed him to discover the four forces of flight (lift, thrust, resistance and weight) and to understand how the wings and the … Read more

Derry Girls: 7 Nastiest James Moments (& 6 Most Touching) | Pretty Reel

Derry Girls 7 Nastiest James Moments 6 Most Touching

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Derry Girls Season 3. in a variety of ways, always hilarious. The fact that one of the full members of this group is, in fact, a boy is never taken into account, as neither the show nor the viewers seem overly concerned with technicality. That is, until Michelle said … Read more

If you sleep in this position every night, you increase your risk of back pain | So Busy Girls

If you sleep in this position every night you increase

We all have one preferred sleeping position, and instinctively, from night to night, it’s the one we adopt without even asking ourselves a question. However, the position in which we sleep has a real impact on our health. To avoid negative consequences and capitalize on the best positions for sleepingdiscover right away the position to … Read more

11 names for girls and boys that can be read both ways

Julien Bondaz Le terme de ‘marabout recouvre un ensemble dacteurs

Everything is almost ready for the long-awaited arrival of your baby. Her clothes and diapers are already stored in their designated drawers. Her room is already impeccably decorated with teddy bears, a toy chest, and a super-comfortable bed. Only downside, you still haven’t found the ideal and above all very original first name for your … Read more

La boisson à arrêter ABSOLUMENT pour ne plus perdre ses cheveux | So Busy Girls

Julien Bondaz Le terme de ‘marabout recouvre un ensemble dacteurs

Vous perdez beaucoup vos cheveux et vous voulez lutter contre ce phénomène ? Au-delà de votre routine capillaire qui est peut-être à revoir avec des soins plus doux pour préserver votre chevelure, il est peut-être temps d’abandonner certaines boissons connues pour favoriser la perte de cheveux. On ne s’en doute pas forcément, mais certaines boissons qu’on … Read more