For its first anniversary, TOQU’ART will offer a very lively month of February! – The free Saône et Loire newspaper in one click

For its first anniversary TOQUART will offer a very lively

The Bar-Brasserie located Quai Ste-Marie in Chalon-sur-Saône will blow out its first candle in February. For the occasion Cathy Cardoso, its happy owner, will be offering a very dense schedule of themed evenings and events not to be missed. The welcome is very warm and the cuisine excellent thanks to Chef Aurel who takes care … Read more

Christmas 2022: Saint Michel, Notre-Dame de Paris, Taoism… five ideas for beautiful books on spirituality to offer

Christmas 2022 Saint Michel Notre Dame de Paris Taoism five ideas

Saint Michel Under the direction of Giorgio Otranto and Sandro Chierici Venison, 260 p., €49 The Archangel Saint Michael represented by Agnolo Bronzino in the chapel of Eleanor of Toledo at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. / AGNOLO BRONZINO/THE COLLECTION With his large wings and his sword, Saint Michael is one of the familiar religious … Read more

Lenovo Yoga Tab 11: SHOCK offer to grab on this excellent Android tablet 🔥

Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 SHOCK offer to grab on this

For Black Friday, Fnac Darty is unveiling an offer to equip yourself with one of the best Android tablets on the market at a simply unbeatable price. Limited stocks, first come, first served! If you are looking for an Android tablet for this 2022 edition of Black Friday, you may be interested in this offer … Read more

Christmas gift ideas 2022: sport or well-being experiences to offer

Christmas gift ideas 2022 sport or well being experiences to offer

By Graziella L. Posted Oct 22, 2022 6:53 PM Christmas is already two months away! With the holidays approaching, it’s time to make your gifts in advance. If your loved ones are avid sports enthusiasts, want to get back in shape, or relax quietly, we have what you need! This year, if we tried to … Read more

Why Companies Should Offer Meditation Classes to All Employees

Why Companies Should Offer Meditation Classes to All Employees

Posted Sep 16, 2022 7:00 AMUpdated on Sep 16, 2022 at 9:05 am In the United States, no less than 60% of companies now offer free yoga or mindfulness meditation sessions to their employees, in the wake of Google and Ford, which were pioneers. The stated objective is thus to improve the level of well-being … Read more

The considerable offer of the MJC Le Rond-Point in L’Aigle

The considerable offer of the MJC Le Rond Point in LAigle

By Writing the Eagle Published on 17 Sep 22 at 16:30 The Norman awakening See my news Follow this media At the MJC we reveal talents (©MJC) Theater Wednesday Under 12 2pm-3.30pm Over 12 years old 4 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. Teens/Adults 7-8:30 p.m. Price: €155 / €200 / €215 * Tale(see schedule) Videos: currently … Read more

Legislative2022. Four ways to campaign differently, when candidates offer something other than door-to-door

Legislative2022 Four ways to campaign differently when candidates offer something

Yoga, cyclo-rando, party, aperitif… The candidates for the legislative elections are doubling their efforts and their imagination to come out on top a few days before the first round of the legislative elections. A look back at some original initiatives. The legislative campaign is not just about the door–at–door, meetings and towing. Some candidates seem … Read more

Sophie Thibault succeeds Pierre Bruneau | An offer she didn’t expect

Sophie Thibault succeeds Pierre Bruneau An offer she didnt

Sophie Thibault “noted anyone” when Pierre Bruneau announced last March that he was retiring. The branch manager saw herself “quietly ending” her mandate at the TVA News from 10 p.m., a newsletter she loves and has hosted for 20 years. And yet, three months later, it was announced that she would take her place at … Read more