Wellness Fair Medicine Alternative Paris 2023: practical information and free admission to download

Wellness Fair Medicine Alternative Paris 2023 practical information and free

The Well-Being Alternative Medicine Fair is the only event in terms of well-being, natural health and the leader in alternative medicine in France. The year 2023 marks the 2nd regional Parisian edition. The Show is enriched by 30 additional guests to reach the 250 exhibitors, experts in alternative methods of health prevention and well-being products … Read more

Conspiracy, astrology, alternative medicine: young people believe less and less in science

Conspiracy astrology alternative medicine young people believe less and less

Young people believe less and less in science. And they are increasingly permeable to alternative medicine, conspiracy theories and pseudo-science. Several voices believe that the modes of information, via social networks, and the gradual disappearance of scientific and technological culture in education are responsible for this paradigm shift. The proportion of young people who have … Read more

Well-being fair near Toulouse: between unconventional medicine and charlatans fair

They are naturopaths, karmic mediums or even psycho-energetics. All take part in the well-being, organic and therapy fair which is held in Labège until Sunday 11 September. So, temple of well-being or fair for charlatans? The organization of such a show raises questions after the controversy over Doctolib, accused of promoting unrecognized medical practices. The … Read more

In the News: meditation vs medicine

In the News meditation vs medicine

More and more data continue to demonstrate the beneficial effects of medication on health. Several recent studies have compared the effectiveness of mindfulness and related strategies to that of pharmaceutical interventions in various pathologies. The results have generated a lot of interest, including those from a mindfulness-based stress reduction trial in patients with anxiety disorders. … Read more