Long live the gardens of care! – Healthcool

Long live the gardens of care Healthcool

Healing gardens are becoming increasingly popular around the world, due to their ability to provide a unique relaxing and healing experience for visitors. Healing gardens are landscaped outdoor spaces that often include features such as themed gardens, ponds, pavilions, fountains, and other structures designed to provide a peaceful and calming environment. What are care gardens? … Read more

100 questions and illustrated answers: how to take good care of your brain

Astro quel metier correspond vraiment a votre signe astrologique 

How is the brain made? How do the five senses work? What foods are good for the brain? What happens in the brain of an astronaut? Can we improve the performance of our brain? What happens in the brain when we are in love? Neurologist, researcher at the CERVO research center at Laval University and … Read more

PTAH. Euthanasia or palliative care? – Jewish Tribune

PTAH Euthanasia or palliative care Jewish Tribune

Last night, my wife and I were having dinner with a close friend, an excellent doctor, humane, close and attentive to his patients… In the midst of a debate on the evolution of the Léonetti law and support towards the end of life, the subject naturally came to the table… We all go through, with … Read more

Dr Abou-Bakari Imorou exposes these social representations, the causes and itineraries of care

Dr Abou Bakari Imorou exposes these social representations the causes and

Views: 3 On the occasion of the 1st international scientific symposium on mental health in Africa, Professor Abou-Bakari Imorou led the inaugural communication on the theme: “Social representations, etiologies and itineraries of care around mental illness”. It took place on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, in the Etisalat amphitheater of the University of Abomey-Calavi. Dr Abou-Bakari … Read more

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Take Care of the Action Dimension

The Solar Plexus Chakra Take Care of the Action Dimension

Business Chakras The size of the action; the place of corporate power Its Sanskrit name is Manipura from the Sanskrit mani meaning “gem” and pura meaning “city”. It can be translated as the “city of jewels”. Symbolically, it can be imagined as the place where the “treasure” is found, the jewel that illuminates its environment … Read more

Sectarian excesses: “With the ‘dérapeuthes’, what the followers experience has nothing to do with care”

Sectarian excesses With the derapeuthes what the followers experience has

the essential There are many sectarian practices that have been talked about in 2021 and 2022. In any case, “it is not beliefs that are sanctioned, but deviations”, explains Me Madeleine Picton-Gueye, lawyer specializing in law. sectarian aberrations, at the Bordeaux bar. Yoga and advice, there was, at the beginning, in Picardy. But when the … Read more

Lahochi energy care: why and how to initiate yourself to become the doctor of yourself and your loved ones

Lahochi energy care why and how to initiate yourself to

Paradoxically, the more we become communicative thanks to new technologies, the more the messages we send out become hollow, devoid of meaning. It parodies relationships and instead immerses people in a virtual reality. The impact of this situation on our mental and physical health is dangerous. Therefore, the return to the good practices of the … Read more

The root chakra: taking care of the dimension of the foundations

The root chakra taking care of the dimension of the

Read previous articles on chakrasChakras in business or how to release entrepreneurial energyThe company’s chakras: 4 dimensions carrying meaning and balance Business Chakras The Sanskrit term for the root chakra is Muladhara, which means the foundation or foundation support. It is linked to the earth, to the concrete, to the material, to the visible. It … Read more

With Fondacio, a weekend to take care of your couple

Mercury retrograde why is this period reputed to be chaotic

After the start of the school year, professional and associative life resumed its rights. Inevitably, everyone has their concerns in mind, the trip abroad which requires leaving very early, the preparation of a board meeting for the following weekend, the prospect of a difficult client meeting which involves insomnia, etc. Monsieur realizes that he forgot … Read more