Good plan: do you know Youdy, the platform that offers apprentice services at low prices?

With inflation, many people have had to say goodbye to certain pleasures in life. Treat yourself to a nice Saint-Honoré for dessert, go to the hairdresser, the beautician or enjoy a moment of relaxation with a massage is not given to everyone. What if we told you that a platform allows you to access all these little pleasures at a lower cost, while helping an apprentice to improve? This is the concept imagined by Élodie Quach with her platform Youdy. Presentation.

“Youdy means “living well” in Laotian, my mother’s mother tongue, explains Élodie Quach, the founder. It was important for me to wink at my origins and it is above all a word that has a lot of meaning given the approach we offer via the platform.” The idea of Youdy ? Connect apprentices and individuals. The former thus benefit from a direct pool of customers to offer their services (pastries, massage, beauty treatments), train and finance part of their equipment… The latter benefit from services carried out with care, at a lower cost.

“Thanks to this solution, apprentices can live well during their studies despite the costs that this may entail and the beneficiaries can afford small pleasures that they would not otherwise have the means to afford”continues the entrepreneur.

“Everyone wins”

Chloé, CAP pastry apprentice

Since she started her pastry CAP three months ago, Chloé has been selling her creations via the platform. Five euros for twelve banana-chocolate cookies, ten euros fifty for a galette des rois for eight people, fourteen euros for a Saint-Honoré… Unbeatable prices. However, despite these unbeatable prices, she is convinced: “everyone wins”.

“In my training, we have a lot of cakes to make at home to practice. The idea is therefore to be able to improve and at the same time to please people. And above all, it makes it possible to financially compensate for the purchase of our raw materials.”

To determine the price of her creations, Chloé has created an Excel spreadsheet in which she enters the price of all her raw materials (flour, eggs, cream, sugar, etc.). “Depending on my recipe, I enter the quantities and it shows me a price. In the end, I don’t make any money on my sales, but it’s still a huge support to continue my training.”

And a little bonus, his customers, mostly regulars, provide him with valuable feedback. “Once they have tasted our cakes, they give us their comments, it allows us to progress. It’s good to have feedback from people other than our loved ones”, confides the apprentice pastry chef.

A “complicated and costly” journey

A former agri-food engineer in mass distribution, Élodie Quach changed course in 2018 by integrating a pastry CAP. This is where she begins to mature the idea of Youdy. To validate what she has learned, she must practice, practice, practice… This obviously means cooking, but also buying a large quantity of equipment and finding people to taste her recipes.

“This practice was done entirely at my expense (purchase of kitchen equipment and ingredients) and represented a significant investment.”, she says.

Élodie Quach, founder of Youdy

“At a time when the world of work is changing and when we are in search of meaning, some of my friends have recently retrained professionally and are making the same observation as me four years earlier: practicing to validate your diploma is complicated and expensive.”

Soon services throughout France

The platform is currently under development. Launched in September 2022, it brings together 18 apprentices, all located in the Paris region and nearly 200 customers have already benefited from their services. But this is only the beginning. Élodie Quach is currently working on the development of this promising concept. “The objective is for Youdy to become a service accessible everywhere in France.”

And to grow her project, the entrepreneur even went back to school to take a master’s degree in entrepreneurship at ESSEC and Centrale to professionalize the platform. “The ultimate goal is to form partnerships with schools.” An approach already launched with the Atelier des chefs where she trained a few years ago.

For the time being, it is thanks to word of mouth that the apprentices pass on the right plan. Subsequently, Élodie offers them a video meeting to explain the project to them and then meets them to take photos, make videos for the site, see how they work.

This is the kind of good plan that we can’t wait to test!

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Good plan: do you know Youdy, the platform that offers apprentice services at low prices?

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