The teenagers who thought they’d never be able to walk again – BBC News Africa

The teenagers who thought theyd never be able to walk

By Naomi Grimley Global health correspondent, Dakar 3 hours ago image caption, Serigne in integral plaster As Africa holds its first-ever conference on clubfoot – a condition that affects around one in 800 people worldwide – the BBC visits a clinic in Senegal to witness a life-changing treatment. At the start of the year, 14-year-old … Read more

Auray – “We walk in the sky”: in Auray, tightrope walkers animate a sensitive neighborhood

Auray We walk in the sky in Auray tightrope

Clinging to the pendulum, Camille advances cautiously on a Kevlar thread stretched above the ground. “Raise your head,” whispers Tatiana Mosio-Bogonga as she helps the 9-year-old girl balance herself. A few meters further on, Jan Naets reassures little Shel’sy: her mismatched socks won’t prevent her from walking in the air. Since their arrival in Auray … Read more

Tourism in Gironde: contemplative and gourmet walk in the Médoc polders

Tourism in Gironde contemplative and gourmet walk in the Medoc

Protected from the estuary by a dyke, these rich lands, the “mattes”, are now used to grow cereals for the cows and horses that graze nearby. The small village of Talais was until the 15th century an island between ocean and estuary. Cows and horses graze in the wet meadows Patricia Marini Mattes, palus and … Read more