Walking, yoga, cycling… What are the favorite sports of the French?

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What are the sports preferences of the French in recent years? Are they rigorous in their practice, considered as one of the major factors in the prevention of the main chronic pathologies (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.)? A survey conducted by INSEE* draws a portrait of these athletes, men or women, and especially of the … Read more

Why you should read “The Art of Walking”, Rebecca Solnit’s cult book – Les Inrocks

This month of June, “The Art of Walking”, the book by feminist Rebecca Solnit is reissued by Editions de l’Olivier. We should wonder about the reasons that have pushed so many authors for the past ten years to take walking as an obsessive, almost fetishized object of reflection. We no longer count the number of … Read more

Praise of walking, physical and social practice, to re-enchant the city

Praise of walking physical and social practice to re enchant the

Through practices such as hiking, trekking or simply strolling, walking is in tune with the times. All steps? No. Contrary to other soft mobility, urban strolling, that of daily life, always summons the imagination of vulnerability, the banal and misery; far from the mental universe invoked by the walk of country getaway and strolling, from … Read more