BEAUNE: Last straight line for the City of Climats and Burgundy wines

BEAUNE Last straight line for the City of Climats and

This Tuesday, November 22, Alain Suguenot inaugurated the end of the structural work of the building in the presence of the actor Christophe Lambert. “Tourists expect authenticity, charm and refinement,” enthused Marie-Guite Dufay during the site visit. The date is symbolic: November 22, 2022 or 22.11.22 for numerology enthusiasts. A date in the form of … Read more

Noor Riyadh’s mission: to light up the city with art

RIYADH: Visitors to Wadi Hanifa, a huge valley in Riyadh lined with palm trees and waterways, were greeted last weekend by new large-scale contemporary public artworks created by Saudi and international artists . These installations are part of Noor Riyadh, an annual festival of light and art that showcases more than 190 works by around … Read more

In Nice, the event exhibition of Jean-Luc Verna, the enfant terrible of contemporary art returns to his city

In Nice the event exhibition of Jean Luc Verna the enfant

Draftsman exhibited at MoMA in New York, dancer, singer, performer, Jean-Luc Verna from Nice returns to his hometown for an exhibition at the Espace à Vendre gallery. We met this extraordinary character, who knows how to be fully himself. And that does not leave indifferent. All you need to know about the Marseille-Cassis race: Race … Read more

Astro: do you live in the right city according to your astrological sign? – Here is

Horoscope 2022 your astrological forecasts sign by sign from April

In France or abroad… in which city should you live according to your astrological sign? We tell you everything about the places of life that really suit you! From the strongest of signs at least appreciated, the twelve signs of the zodiac all have very different characters. Some will love the calm of the countryside, … Read more

Art lives in the city: 4 new frescoes in Flénu, Havré, Saint-Denis and Mons

| Published on 09/25/2022 at 05:19 Art inhabits the City continues to embellish the streets and districts of Mons territory, bringing new visitors and positioning Mons as the Walloon city of urban art. The route now includes some sixty works by international artists as well as Belgian muralists and graffiti artists. Supported by many figures … Read more

Xinhua Silk Road: Putian City in East China’s Fujian Province Becomes One of the Global Frankincense Trading Hubs

Class in: Deals PKIN, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Putian Arts and Crafts City, home to more than 600 incense enterprises, recorded a total output of more than six billion yuan (about 865.2 million U.S. dollars), making the city of Putian, in the province of Fujian in eastern China, one of the world’s main hubs … Read more

Sidewalk Evangelism Pilot Project Enters New York City Adventist News

Sidewalk Evangelism Pilot Project Enters New York City Adventist News

September 9, 2022 | New York, United States | Sandra Dombrowski | Source : Adventist Mission and IAD Two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban centers by 2050, according to United Nations projections. In Western Europe, the Americas, Australia, Japan and much of the Middle East, 80 percent or more of the population … Read more

Sellia Witchcraft City Guide TechRadar

Sellia Witchcraft City Guide TechRadar

Elden Ring’s Sellia, Town of Sorcery is a mysterious location along the eastern edge of Aeonia Swamp in Caelid. It is filled with mystery magic sealsblocking your way to the plague church. The city itself is home to many magical wonders: Glistening Stone Lusat Staff, the Staff of Loss, and the Cerulean Tear Scarab Helm, … Read more

The City of London’s New Laws of Attraction

The City of Londons New Laws of Attraction

ISABEL ESPANOL Charming smile, assured voice, Anna goes straight to the point from the first minutes of the discussion: “What interests me is the money. » Making money, of course, but also understanding how money and its circuits work. Anna (all names have been changed) is a 28-year-old Swedish woman who has been working for … Read more

Schiltigheim. Nature Day, Saturday in the city center and in the neighborhoods

The Nature Day, set up by the City of Schiltigheim with its associative and institutional partners, highlights initiatives in favor of the protection of the environment, biodiversity, ecological transition and the climate. It makes it possible to discover a host of ideas, projects and achievements which, each in their own way, concern sustainable development. In … Read more