BMW 3.0 CSL (2022): the legendary sports car returns in a modern version with an overpowered engine

BMW 30 CSL 2022 the legendary sports car returns in

Zapping Autonews Ferrari Purosangue (2022): the Italian manufacturer’s first SUV on video BMW M’s fiftieth anniversary year is coming to a close. The sports branch of the Bavarian firm unveils the BMW 3.0 CSL, a new sports car directly inspired by the eponymous model derived from the E9, which dates from the 1970s. Produced in … Read more

Walking, yoga, cycling… What are the favorite sports of the French?

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What are the sports preferences of the French in recent years? Are they rigorous in their practice, considered as one of the major factors in the prevention of the main chronic pathologies (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.)? A survey conducted by INSEE* draws a portrait of these athletes, men or women, and especially of the … Read more

outarville – Sports and Leisure is in good shape

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The volunteers of the Association sports et loisirs du canton d’Outarville (Aselco) met in an ordinary and then extraordinary general assembly on Friday evening. Sylvie Colas, president of Aselco, opened the ball by starting with the ordinary general assembly. The meeting informed the audience about course attendance in 2021-2022. The season recorded 145 members. The … Read more

20 years ago, the Malaja judgment, which revolutionized team sports | Basketball Europe

New Manga Proves Reincarnation Is The Genres Worst New Trend

On December 30, 2002, the Council of State handed down the Malaja judgment, definitively ending the conflict between the Polish basketball player Lilia Malaja and the French Basketball Federation. Qualified as a “Bosman judgment to the power of 10” by Sepp Blatter, then president of the International Football Federation, the Malaja judgment revolutionized the workforce … Read more

Mbappé responds to PSG exit rumors – Reuters Sports News

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Paris Saint-Germain striker says he wants to leave Ligue 1 club were ‘wrong’ French soccer star Kylian Mbappe took advantage of a post-match interview on Sunday to deny rumors that he is keen to leave club Paris Saint-Germain in the January transfer market. Explosive reports from Marca and RMC Sport claimed last week that Mbappe … Read more

Sports suit: is it better than leggings to practice yoga or pilates? – Here is

Sports suit is it better than leggings to practice yoga

Comfort is the No. 1 asset of a sports outfit, whatever discipline you practice. Lately, one piece in particular has caught our attention. It’s the sports suit. And we tell you why it is super practical for practicing yoga or pilates. Downward facing dog, sun salutation, side angle… yoga positions sometimes require contorting oneself in … Read more

Which sports shorts to choose according to your physical activity?

1663168477 Which sports shorts to choose according to your physical activity

The choice of a sports outfit is far from being anecdotal. Cut, material, color, and above all the sport practiced are the main criteria to be taken into account. And women’s sports shorts are no exception to this rule. Indeed, for your sports shorts to be your best ally in the practice of your physical … Read more

Balicina, the wellness and balneotherapy center with sauna, sports and hammam in the 8th

Balicina the wellness and balneotherapy center with sauna sports and

” A healthy mind in a healthy body. How many times have we heard this famous adage? It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself. Located in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon, the center balicina accompanies you from A to Z in your quest for well-being and fitness with ultra-targeted and personalized original … Read more

Joël Thibault, sports chaplain and evangelical pastor speaks on BFMTV in the context of the Pogba affair

I was a witch and proud of it

On September 1, sports chaplain Joël Thibault was received on BFMTV to discuss the Pogba affair and in particular the question of witchcraft in the world of football. As part of a dark case of extortion allegedly suffered by footballer Paul Pogba, revelations concerning the involvement of a marabout have made headlines. The striker’s brother, … Read more