Well-being and physical activity: which yoga really suits you according to your astrological sign? – Here is

1675013016 Well being and physical activity which yoga really suits you according

This year, it’s decided, you’re going to yoga. Yes, but which one? Are you more of a soft yoga or dynamic yoga type? Find out which discipline matches your astro sign! Depending on your character, you might be attracted to a form of gentle, more spiritual yoga or outright dynamic. Find out which type of … Read more

Chroma Yoga: the discipline that uses colors to achieve physical and mental well-being » La TV en Live

Chroma Yoga the discipline that uses colors to achieve physical

We have already talked about yoga and the many benefits it brings to our body. Thousand-year-old techniques that contain many secrets for body, mind and spirit. Activities that include body and respiratory gymnastics, psychophysical disciplines aimed at meditation or relaxation. There are different types of yoga, the most classic focus mainly on spiritual research, and … Read more

Which sports shorts to choose according to your physical activity?

1663168477 Which sports shorts to choose according to your physical activity

The choice of a sports outfit is far from being anecdotal. Cut, material, color, and above all the sport practiced are the main criteria to be taken into account. And women’s sports shorts are no exception to this rule. Indeed, for your sports shorts to be your best ally in the practice of your physical … Read more

What to do to relax on vacation? Physical activities, sleep, diet, breathing, relaxation…

What to do to relax on vacation Physical activities sleep

It is important to rest well during the holidays. It is necessary to take advantage of the holidays to do physical activities, to have a good sleep and a good diet. physical activities To make the most of your vacation, it is important to to rest and of take care of your body. Physical activity … Read more

Praise of walking, physical and social practice, to re-enchant the city

Praise of walking physical and social practice to re enchant the

Through practices such as hiking, trekking or simply strolling, walking is in tune with the times. All steps? No. Contrary to other soft mobility, urban strolling, that of daily life, always summons the imagination of vulnerability, the banal and misery; far from the mental universe invoked by the walk of country getaway and strolling, from … Read more

The DNA of desire: how is physical attraction born?

On paper, it’s the ideal partner, but you don’t feel anything. Conversely, he/she is not your style at all, you do not completely assume the desire that you feel for this person, but it is like this: a force attracts you irresistibly and physically towards him/her. How is it possible ? Let’s discover the laws … Read more