Malkin draws praise as he reaches his 1,000th game

Malkin draws praise as he reaches his 1000th game

CRANBERRY, Pennsylvania – Evgeny Malkin rarely speaks in public. The Pittsburgh Penguins center has a wild personality and often cracks jokes during practices. But once off the ice, Malkin likes to keep a low profile. For that reason, it seemed almost fitting for his teammates to mark the achievement on his behalf, as Malkin played … Read more

The art of praise in the convert Patrick Kéchichian

The art of praise in the convert Patrick Kechichian

Agnès Bastit pays tribute to the writer and literary critic Patrick Kéchichian, who has just died at the age of 71. Converted to Catholicism thanks to Cardinal Lustiger, he gracefully expressed the luminous art of praise. The writer Patrick Kéchichian, a long-time literary critic at the newspaper The world and columnist at The cross, died … Read more

Praise of walking, physical and social practice, to re-enchant the city

Praise of walking physical and social practice to re enchant the

Through practices such as hiking, trekking or simply strolling, walking is in tune with the times. All steps? No. Contrary to other soft mobility, urban strolling, that of daily life, always summons the imagination of vulnerability, the banal and misery; far from the mental universe invoked by the walk of country getaway and strolling, from … Read more