The question of the week: why do we dream that we lose our teeth?

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► Facts In dreams, anything is possible. As Google celebrates Sigmund Freud’s 160th birthday on May 6, let’s take a look at this sleepy world dear to the father of psychoanalysis. Dreams, like nightmares, are sometimes so intense that they leave an aftertaste when you wake up. And, curiously, certain dreams come up regularly and … Read more

Slimming diet: Here is the one you need to do according to your astrological sign to lose weight this year!

Want to know the right slimming diet for your zodiac sign? Read our article for the right advice. Summer is approaching and it is important for some of us to take care of our appearance. Thus, it is better to apply a slimming diet as soon as possible to have the perfect body. In this … Read more

How to lose belly fat without exercising? 10 good gestures to adopt without delay!

How to lose belly fat without exercising 10 good gestures

Having a big belly is much more than just unsightly. Scientific research has proven that visceral fat is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, among others. Similarly, people who have added too many inches to their waistline are at greater risk of metabolic disease even if they are otherwise lean. … Read more

Lose belly fat in the heat: how to succeed in this project before taking out the swimsuits?

Lose belly fat in the heat how to succeed in

Returning the belly literally or figuratively always means that this treacherous zone mocks our efforts to lose belly fat. On the one hand you want the bulges around the waist to fade away and on the other hand that never happens. Is it possible in the end to lose the extra pounds? Why no slimming … Read more

Astro: what diet to lose weight according to your zodiac sign?

As summer approaches, some women have a bikini body goal in mind. But to what slimming diet to turn ? What if the stars gave you personalized ideas to accomplish this task? Each astrological sign has its own characteristics that make it unique and special. Depending on their character traits, they can be suggested a … Read more

Lose weight with mindfulness meditation, it works

As summer rolls around, many of us are struggling to shed the extra pounds we’ve put on since the start of the year. Mindfulness techniques help us shed those extra pounds. Studies confirm that eating mindfully can help maintain a healthy weight. According to anecdotal evidence and some existing research, mindfulness techniques can help a … Read more

Weight loss: 5 incredible easy and magical tips to lose weight very quickly

Weight loss or a flat stomach is quite possible if the right methods are applied daily. The tips in this article do not require any effort but you have to make sacrifices to reach the desired weight. And yes ! Know that not everything comes by magic. Without further ado, we are going to reveal … Read more