Gas and abdominal pain: 3 yoga postures to relieve them

Gas and abdominal pain 3 yoga postures to relieve them

Stress and anxiety promote abnormal gas production and abdominal pain. Relaxation techniques can be effective in remedying this, including yoga and self-massage. belly yoga This age-old practice is welcome for those who suffer from digestive disorders functional. It promotes relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and, thanks to certain postures, acts mechanically on the … Read more

Gas in the Mediterranean: Israel and Lebanon sign an agreement – Teller Report

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It is neither peace nor normalization, but it took eleven years of negotiations led by the United States forIsraelis and Lebanese reach an agreement on the delimitation of their exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Why now? Because the lebanese economy is bloodless and that there is political will to resolve this conflict. “The dramatic economic situation … Read more

“Laughing gas”: what you need to know

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TEveryone has already noticed these small stainless steel cartridges which have been strewn for some time in certain public places. Before being emptied by their users, they contained a gas, nitrous oxide – “proto” for friends – better known as “laughing gas”. Used in particular in industry, the food industry, the kitchen or medicine, nitrous … Read more

Amend the law to develop the oil and gas industry in the new context | Economy | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

Hanoi (VNA) – Promptly and comprehensively amending the Oil and Gas Law in line with international practices and Vietnam’s energy development strategy will be an important lever to help this particular industry develop sustainably, strengthen its significant contribution to the national economy. Photo: VNA The comments were made during the seminar “Revision of the Oil … Read more

The European Parliament believes that nuclear energy and natural gas must be considered “sustainable”

The European Parliament believes that nuclear energy and natural gas

The European Parliament has given the green light to qualifying natural gas and nuclear energy as sustainable. MEPs on Wednesday rejected a proposal to exclude these two sources from the “European taxonomy”, approving the Commission’s proposal. This taxonomy aims to classify economic activities according to their sustainability, directing private investments, through incentives and benefits, towards … Read more