The Nature & Découvertes well-being essentials to get for a top start to the year

1673899768 The Nature Decouvertes well being essentials to get for a

A gloomy start to the year with impressive winds and rains, there is no doubt that our desire to relax is keenly felt. To help you get through this period, which can be difficult for many, we have selected some Nature & Découvertes products for you, so that you can enjoy a well-deserved well-being break … Read more

Birth of Jesus: Christic Revelation of the True Nature of Man

Birth of Jesus Christic Revelation of the True Nature of

Saturday, December 24, 2022 ((– To say that Jesus, the Incarnate Divine Word, came to show us God, is correct; but this, from the beginning, the Word even not yet incarnate, has assiduously, tirelessly accomplished through the theophanies – these divine manifestations which are the universe and its content constituting Creation – the interventions of … Read more

“Solemn August”: diving where nature and social ties have remained intact

Solemn August diving where nature and social ties have remained

It is a place that seems out of time. All backgrounds social and the generations blend in, in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds them. In the heart of New Jersey, a natural swimming pool is the dreamlike theater in which Whitney Hayes guides us, between meditation, met and fun. In the summer of … Read more

Near La Gacilly: Christophe Auray dedicates his new book “Sacred and Healing Nature of Brittany”

Near La Gacilly Christophe Auray dedicates his new book Sacred

By Gwenael Merret Published on 9 Dec 22 at 16:36 Information from the Pays de Redon See my news Follow this media Christophe Auray presents his new book “Sacred and Healing Nature of Brittany”. (©The Infos of the Country of Redon / Gwenaël Merret) “I did my veterinary thesis on the traditional care by plants, … Read more

The nature of the first black hole discovered, Cygnus-X1, clarified thanks to Ixpe

The 5 tools you need to succeed according to Harvard

The X-ray source called Cygnus X-1 is a legend in the world of astrophysics and X-ray astronomy. It had been the subject of a bet in 1975 between nothing less than stephen hawking and the Nobel Prize in Physics Kip Thornebetting that Hawking will concede losing in 1990. It is towards this source of X-rays … Read more

New Ama Spring jewelry store in Barcelona: an ode to nature and women

New Ama Spring jewelry store in Barcelona an ode to

In the heart of Gràcia in Barcelona, ​​Ama Spring offers different and energetic jewelry collections in gold or silver, composed of precious or semi-precious stones; a place where well-being and magic reign. Boutique photos: Clémentine Laurent/ Jewelery photos: Amaspring To enter Ama Spring is to enter an enchanted world. The boutique is an ode to … Read more

VIDEO. “Nature is not a trash can”: Flooz-flooz the scoundrel, ambassador of Haute-Saône on TikTok

VIDEO Nature is not a trash can Flooz flooz the scoundrel

Under the pseudonym “Flooz-flooz la rascal”, Julien Delaunay, 31-year-old Haut-Saônois, accumulates views and thousands of subscribers on social networks. Videographer, mushroom picker, carp fisher, vice-champion of France of Uno but also defender of the environment; it’s deep in the forest, a few kilometers from “V’soul”, that the rascal gave us an appointment. “I’m taking myself … Read more

Nature & Découvertes: -50% on a selection of well-being products and games

Nature Decouvertes 50 on a selection of well being products

Currently, Nature & Découvertes offers a selection of articles displaying discounts of up to 50%. Toys for children, yoga accessories or even scratch cards are among the products on sale. Nature & Découvertes: a company that evolves around nature and ecology Since 1990, Nature et Découvertes has offered French people the opportunity to reconnect with … Read more

In Brazil, the boom of mystical retreats in a nature reserve – Teller Report

In Brazil the boom of mystical retreats in a nature

Eyes closed, bodies coated in a layer of greyish clay mud, a dozen tourists in bathing suits stamp their feet to the rhythm of the drum, in the middle of the luxuriant vegetation of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, 230 km from Brasília. “It’s the energy of mother earth!” exclaims Michelle Ximenes, who leads this “shamanic … Read more

Land of Fougères. Immersion in nature with Vincent Rannou

Les Choses Press area of ​​the Louvre Museum

The welcome was warm on Tuesday and the emotions intense at the Le Club cinema in Fougères, after the broadcast of wild connection, Vincent Rannou’s first film. This passionate photographer invites the public to a wild immersion in nature. The heart of Brittany is rich in biodiversity and a multitude of natural environments conducive to … Read more