What makes each Hogwarts house stand out and who’s in it | Pretty Reel

What makes each Hogwarts house stand out and whos in

The boy who lives under the stairs is probably one of the most famous modern characters in the world. Everyone, in one form or another, knows the boy who was strong enough to survive the Killing Curse. Harry Potter is a character that started as a way for JK Rowling to entertain her children in … Read more

The secrets of Jeppe Hein’s collaboration with the Ruinart house – Teller Report

The secrets of Jeppe Heins collaboration with the Ruinart house

When Jeppe Hein reinterprets tableware, etiquette takes a hit. And the guests fall back into childhood, in a joyful regressive atmosphere. Because they are authorized, and even encouraged, by the Danish artist with the face as young as he is playful, to have fun with food. At least the time of a Parisian dinner organized … Read more

The house of Alexandra David-Néel, haven for an explorer

The house of Alexandra David Neel haven for an

It is a reinvented place to apprehend an extraordinary personality. A vegetable garden where strawberries, lilacs and roses grow, his beloved flower. A house with green shutters, surmounted by a Tibetan emblem of victory. The name of this historical monument since 1996? Samten Dzong, the “Fortress of meditation” in Tibetan, or “Residence of reflection”. A … Read more

Morocco’s Distinguished Migration Efforts at the Center of an Interactive Meeting at the House of Councilors

The House of Councilors organized, on Monday, an interactive preparatory meeting for the first International Migration Review Forum, to be held from May 17 to 20 in New York, focusing on the leading role Morocco plays in the field. of migration in its various dimensions and extensions. This meeting, which was attended by representatives of … Read more

A poor man buys an old ruined house and finds a room hidden behind a false wall — Story of the day

A poor man buys an old ruined house and finds

Edward thought he would never achieve his dream of becoming a doctor until he bought an old rundown house and it turned his life around. Edward Mallow’s life did not turn out the way he wanted. When he was a teenager, he wanted to become a doctor to help people and cure them, but the … Read more