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It is neither peace nor normalization, but it took eleven years of negotiations led by the United States forIsraelis and Lebanese reach an agreement on the delimitation of their exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Why now? Because the lebanese economy is bloodless and that there is political will to resolve this conflict. “The dramatic economic situation in Lebanon weighed heavily in the balance,” said Amos Hochstein, American mediator of this agreement.

Lebanon has sunk into three-digit inflationpassing 3% in 2019 to 85% in 2020 and 155% in 2021. Politically, there was a small window of opportunity that the three parties – Americans, Lebanese and Israelis – chose not to miss. “France did not participate in the negotiations, but it did a lot of work in the home stretch, particularly with the Lebanese, so as not to miss this opportunity, which might not come again for a long time,” said a source familiar with the matter. . Indeed, the quasi-concomitance of the Israeli elections, the end of the mandate of Lebanese President Michel Aoun and the midterm elections in the United States risk upsetting the balance of power. This is also one of the arguments of those who, in Israel as in Lebanon, denounce this agreement.

Exploit the off-shore gas fields of Karish and Cana

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Gas in the Mediterranean: Israel and Lebanon sign an agreement – Teller Report

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