Narbonne. Second constituency: the contested presidential majority

the essential The outgoing deputy Alain Perea (Ensemble! Renaissance) finds himself facing a split front of 13 candidates from which emerge Viviane Thivent (Nupes) and Frédéric Falcon (RN). With spoilsport, Jean-François Daraud (Reconquest), Quentin Estrade (the Centrists) and Edouard Rocher (PRG). Beware of the scattering of votes in a context of strong abstention. Answer on … Read more

In Spain, under the floats of Holy Week, women still contested – Teller Report

In Spain under the floats of Holy Week women still

Supported, advancing at a haunting pace, they carry on their necks a chariot of Christ and the Virgin weighing one and a half tons. In Spain, during Holy Week, women “costaleras” perform the same physical feat as men, but remain controversial. From the tank that paces more than ten hours during the streets of Granada … Read more