What does Pope Francis mean by the “sin of corruption”?

What does Pope Francis mean by the sin of corruption

Pope Francis distinguishes the situation of the sinner and the corrupt. There can be great sinners, but who keep the consciousness of their sin: the corrupt, he no longer identifies himself with his sin. Explanations. Who does not remember, among the members of the Roman curia, this vigorously medicinal speech of Pope Francis? delivered on … Read more

Pope Francis ‘begs’ Vladimir Putin to stop the ‘spiral of violence and death’

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Never had the pope gone so far since the start of the war between Ukraine and Russia. He launched, Sunday, October 2 in front of the crowd gathered in Place Saint-Pierre, a ” call “ solemn to Vladimir Putin to obtain a ceasefire. “My appeal is addressed above all to the President of the Russian … Read more

“The ridiculousness of this era is obvious”: Francis Veber signs his big return to the theater with “Le Tourbillon”

The ridiculousness of this era is obvious Francis Veber signs

The king of comedy Francis Veber returns from September 22, 2022 to the Théâtre de la Madeleine with The whirlwinda new piece. Francis Veber, one of the masters of French comedy in film and theater (The Troublemaker, The goat, The dinner of fools) is back with a new piece, The whirlwindwhich begins this Thursday at … Read more

[INTERVIEW] Célia Verot (Fondation du patrimoine) : « Nous aidons le patrimoine parce que cela rend la France plus belle » | Chroniques philanthropiques par Francis Charhon

Dwayne Johnson Reacts To Hawkman And Dr Fates Detailed Toys

La Fondation du patrimoine, un statut spécifique Célia Verot, vous êtes directrice de la Fondation du patrimoine. Pourriez-vous préciser ce qu’est la Fondation du patrimoine et son statut assez spécifique ?    La Fondation du patrimoine est une organisation qui a été créée il y a 26 ans, en 1996, à l’initiative de douze grandes … Read more

Francis Szpiner, the heir to Claude Goasguen, Philippe Séguin and others Claude Barouch – Tribune Juive

Francis Szpiner the heir to Claude Goasguen Philippe Seguin and

In the 14th district of Paris, the second round will oppose the LR candidate and mayor of the 16th arrondissement, Francis Szpiner, who obtains 33.28% of the vote, against Benjamin Haddad, candidate of Together!, the presidential majority and former defector from the UMP , came out on top with 39.27% ​​of the vote. The 10.36% … Read more

Pope Francis proclaims Saint Irenaeus “Doctor of the Church”

Choosing a saint as a doctor of the Church is never the result of chance. The objective is less to honor the intellectual qualities of this or that exceptional figure than to offer the people of God a teaching capable of helping them to face the challenges of the present time. From the distance IIand … Read more