While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student!

news culture While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student!

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Can’t wait to play Hogwarts Legacy? In the meantime, (re)discover the daily life of a wizard at Hogwarts.

Last month we told you the creation of Hogwarts, made possible by the hand of four ambitious wizards who will give their names to the famous houses. A long paper which details the history of the founding fathers and the split with Salazar Slytherin which can serve as a preamble to this article, this time dedicated to telling you about the daily life of a Hogwarts student.

First step: from registration to distribution

First thing to know: All wizards are automatically enrolled at Hogwarts from birth and receive an admission letter before school starts when they turn 11.. That’s why without even knowing his nature, Harry Potter was invited to join the ranks of the school.

On the first of September, our young wizard can then board the Hogwarts Express, a beautiful red locomotive which leaves at eleven o’clock sharp from King’s Cross station in London, platform 9¾, in the direction of Hogsmeade station in Scotland. Comfortably installed in his wagon, the future student can quietly enjoy the treats offered on a witch’s cart while waiting to arrive safely. The Hogsmeade station is located very close to Hogwarts Lake and a path makes it easy to reach the school with stagecoaches pulled by thestrals (winged horses that only those who have seen death can see) or boats magical for first-year students. Hagrid, the school caretaker, is usually present to welcome all these beautiful people.

While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student!

It is then time for the most fateful moment: the distribution of houses by the sorting hat. Summoned to carry the artefact in front of his other comrades, the new student lets the sorting hat probe his mind and feel his main abilities. He can, like Harry and Hermione, make his preference known to influence the decision of the Sorting Hat who must decide between Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw houses. Every fifty years, a student is renamed a hatflou: a term that designates a student whose sorting hat has taken more than five minutes to designate the house. Minerva McGonagall for example, as well as Peter Pettigrew, were both fuzzy hats.

After this particularly stressful stage, the students can savor a delicious feast in joy and good humor.

Hogwarts classes

Hogwarts students all study seven different major subjects over the course of seven years of study. Textbooks as well as chopsticks are purchased beforehand from traders on Traverse Road, such as Fleury and Bott or Ollivander. There is also the Tissard et Brodette shop which sells wizard robes.

  • The potions lesson, which therefore consists of concocting a whole bunch of magic drinks and knowing their ingredients. The hall is located in the dungeons of Hogwarts and usually invites students from two houses to take the same class at the same time. It is especially in the second year that we learn the recipe for polyjuice, this famous potion that allows you to take on the appearance of another human being for a few moments. Probably the most notable potions teacher in the saga is Severus Snape, who held the role from 1981 to 1996.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts course probably caused some cold sweats to the less daring students. As its name suggests, it teaches sorcerers to defend themselves against evil. This is the opportunity to learn more about black magic and dangerous creatures. Over the years, the difficulty of the courses increases: if the first years attend a rather summary presentation, the sixth years, them, study the Dementors. The class saw a slew of different teachers such as Quirrell, Gilderoy Lockhart, Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody, Dolores Umbridge, Severus Snape then Amycus Carrow.
While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student! While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student!
  • The course of spells is taught by Filius Flitwick, the Headmaster of Ravenclaw. It is based on the study of the book of spells and enchantments written by the famous witch Miranda Fauconnette. In the sixth year, we learn in particular the amnesia spell which changes the memory of others.
  • The Transfiguration Course is one of the most complex to study according to his teacher, Minerva McGonagall. He learns to transform objects and living beings into something else.
  • The history of magic lesson taught by Cuthbert Binn (whose classes are considered soporific) teaches students the major milestones in the history of their world
  • astronomy lesson given by Aurora Sinistra and located in the beautiful astronomy tower of Hogwarts teaches students about the stars and their characteristics after dark, at midnight.
  • The botany class allows students to study magical flora in the greenhouses of Hogwarts. Pomona Sprout was its teacher for a long time before giving way to Neville Longbottom.
  • The flight course is only for first year students and takes place on the lawns of Hogwarts grounds. Madame Hooch teaches them the gestures to adopt to control a broom.
  • Third-year specialties: From the third year, students must choose at least two additional subjects, such as Care of Magical Creatures course, taught by Hagrid. He simply offers to study magical fauna, such as hippogriffs. Also offered are Arithmancy (i.e. predictions based on numbers), Divination, Muggle Studies and the Study of Runes.
While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student!


At the end of the fifth and seventh grade, students have to pass major exams. Firstly there is OWLs (The Universal Certificate of Elementary Witchcraft) which determine the courses that the students will follow for the rest of their studies. For two weeks, theoretical and practical tests based on each subject taught are conducted by the Academy of Magic Examiners. There are three pass grades: Acceptable (A), Exceptional Effort (E), and Optimal (O), as well as three fail grades: Troll (T), Disappointing (D), Poor (P).

NEWTs (Especially Intensive and Constraining Accumulation of Sorcery) are taken in seventh grade and can determine students’ careers. If it is possible to do without them to enter the active life, their practical exams are imperative to have the chance to integrate the Ministry of Magic.

While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student!

Activities at Hogwarts

Apart from the famous Quidditch kick, there is also the traditional cut of the four houses : Throughout a school year, houses can earn good/bad points based on their conduct. The one with the most good points wins the cup of the four houses. There are also clubs and associations where students can join.

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While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student!

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