Phil Jackson, the NBA’s Zen Master and Greatest Coach of All Time

Phil Jackson the NBAs Zen Master and Greatest Coach of

“Not only is there more than life to basketball, but there is also so much more than basketball.” He is the coach who won the NBA championship 11 times. He is the only man to have won multiple titles with two different teams (Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers). He has the highest winning percentage of … Read more

“The Master of the Zodiac”: Claire Keim as Madame Soleil of the FBI

The Master of the Zodiac Claire Keim as Madame Soleil

En 2004, TF1 hits hard. His summer saga Zodiac attracts more than ten million viewers. On the program: a courageous heroine, a serial killer who eliminates each member of his family one by one, and a cop on the teeth a bit lyrical embodied by Francis Huster. Two years after this triumph, confirmed by the … Read more

‘Excalibur Academy’s Demon Master’ Visual Teaser

Excalibur Academys Demon Master Visual Teaser

Leonis Death Magnus’ words came true when he woke up from his slumber after a millennium, but not in the way he expected. “The Demon Sword Master of the Excalibur Academy” is a testament to Leonis’ adventures in a new world he sets out to conquer. While the plot may feel like another cliched fantasy … Read more

“The Spy Who Loved Books”, a daring spy novel from the master of the genre, a meditation on political and family legacies

Astrology Are you one of the very lucky horoscope signs

A posthumous novel by John Le Carré, “The Spy Who Loved Books” is a daring spy novel and a meditation on political and family legacies. It is the universe of the master of the spy novel, John Le Carré, that Sophie Creuz invites us to rediscover with the posthumous novel “The spy who loved books”. … Read more