Gamesplanet promo: Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy or Redfall at 10% off

1674929208 Gamesplanet promo Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy

In the weeks and months to come, several expected games will be launched. In the lot, we find for example the action RPG Hogwarts Legacy, the shooter Redfall or the Necrom extension of Elder Scrolls Online. They are all available at reduced prices on Gamesplanet, with their pre-order bonuses. The weeks and months to come … Read more

My week with Rebecca, one of the “haunted” dolls sold online

My week with Rebecca one of the haunted dolls sold

It arrived in a big box with the first snowflakes of winter. Like a strange gift from Christmas. A pale face under blond bangs, melancholy green eyes, a long ruffled dress, a parasol, some jewelry. Rebecca is not a simple porcelain doll. She is “haunted”. At least that’s how it was presented on the announcement … Read more

Batch. The Montcuq Jénisha NGO launches an online kitty for Nepal

Batch The Montcuq Jenisha NGO launches an online kitty for scaled

By Writing Cahors Published on 10 Dec 22 at 17:02 Lot news See my news Follow this media Laura and Daniel Lartigue from the NGO Jenisha in Montcuq in the Lot. (©Actu Lot) The NGO (non-governmental organization) Jenishabased in Lebreil, in the town of Montcuq-en-Quercy-Blanc in the Batchand chaired by Daniel Lartigue, continues, since the … Read more

Next Loto FDJ draw this Saturday, December 3, 2022: play online

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The next Loto FDJ draw of this Saturday, December 3 will offer a record jackpot of 24 million euros, a record for this year 2022. While the Christmas Grand Lotto will take place in about twenty days, here is a Lotto evening not to be missed under any circumstances this Saturday evening. You can play … Read more

The Game Archaeologist: Wizardry Online, the short-lived permadeath MMO

The Game Archaeologist Wizardry Online the short lived permadeath MMO

While the Witchcraft the series may not have the cultural cache that Ultimate Where Final Fantasy ended up, nonetheless, the dungeon-crawling RPG series cultivated a sizable fan base. The first title from studio Sir-Tech was released in 1981, and seven more have arrived to challenge gamers over the next two decades. As I said, it … Read more

Advent 2022: online retreats to support faith in times of crisis

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

♦ “Be fearless”during Advent, dare to pray! A retreat proposed by the jesuits of the site and the app Pray on the way. “It may seem difficult for us to prepare for Christmas with joy, peace and hope when the world seems full of threats and uncertainties. But God promises us to surrender without fear.”they … Read more

Interesting online puzzle: Can you spot the hidden butterfly in the garden pond in just 5 seconds?

Interesting online puzzle Can you spot the hidden butterfly in.webp

Today you are presented with an interesting online puzzle in which you have to show observation. Try to spot the hidden butterfly in this garden pond. Take into account that only a genius can do it in just 5 seconds! It’s yours ! Optical illusion to test your IQ: In this picture try to find … Read more

How do online casinos communicate with young people?

How do online casinos communicate with young people

If online casinos had already been on the rise for a few months, many would like to attract a younger audience in order to find a second wind. It is with a well-rehearsed communication campaign that the major sites communicate by advancing arguments that speak to a younger audience. An attractive game offer The first … Read more

How to take advantage of online clairvoyance? – Morning Economy

Divination has existed since antiquity. However, it undergoes various controversies to the point where practitioners and people who use it show great discretion. For this reason, only a handful of people resort to clairvoyance consultations. In addition, they are generally done in the office. However, everything is becoming more accessible in the digital age. For … Read more