Maeva Ghennam: a big clash breaks out between Polska and the candidate!

On social networks, a huge clash broke out between Maeva Ghennam and Polska. The two seem to hate each other!

A few years ago, Maeva Ghennam managed to make herself known thanks to reality TV. And the least we can say is that she had many clashes over the years. Now she is at war with Polska.

Maeva Ghennam in clash with Polska

Throughout her career with Maeva Ghennam has had many stories with several candidates. Over time, she had more or less long friendships. At the time, she had a big crush on Carla Moreau.

But the witchcraft affair marked an end in their history of friendship. If Maeva Ghennam has many friends, she also has several enemies. This is particularly the case of Polska for example. The two hate each other.

Indeed, Greg’s ex did not appreciate Polska’s words at all after a rather shocking story. The candidate decided to film herself while she was defecate in the snow.

A video that she did not hesitate to share on her social networks. Polska then reacted on Sam Zirah’s show to this famous sequence. And the least we can say is that she did shocking revelations.

The young woman notably accused Maeva Ghennam of making scam product placements. She blurted out: “Me, my little sister, she watches Maeva Ghennam’s stories, she is lost (…)”.

Before adding: “You have to be lost to watch Maeva’s stories (…) Maeva advertised something candy. My little sister ordered it, and she got ripped off. So Maeva, now give the money back to my sister! ».

“All because I didn’t take a picture with her”

Maeva Ghennam’s response was not long in coming. She blurted out: “The old girl from Polska, she is clashing with me on videos… This girl, she has had the seum against me.

Maeva Ghennam continued: “I’m explaining to you, eh, like that, I’m saying everything tonight, because once, in Dubai, she asked me for a photo. In fact, when she told me asked for the photo, I was busy.

“I told her ‘wait 2 seconds’, I finished what I had to do, and when I turned around to take the picture with her, she was already gone. She didn’t want to wait.”.

The candidate also revealed: “I wasn’t going to run after her because she asked me for a picture. Since that, she made a video in which she talked about that and now, well, she love getting off me.

Maeva Ghennam then concluded: “All because I didn’t take a picture with her”. For her part, Polska revealed that the young woman was not telling the truth at all. She then clashed in turn.

“Maeva Ghennam! Instead of talking shit about me trying to get some buzz since you ain’t got none go pay back all the people you got scammed with your questionable product placements there ! ».

Before concluding : “And also please stop making young girls have their vaginas redone, it’s kinda weird”.

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Maeva Ghennam: a big clash breaks out between Polska and the candidate!

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