Did you hope from the bottom of your heart that after a rotten year 2022, 2023 would come and save you from this hell? It’s cute, but it’s completely screwed up, for the simple and good reason that after only 30 days, the year 2023 is already officially a shitty year. Do you find us pessimistic? Well, look at what’s happened since January 1, you’ll see that we’re not even exaggerating.

Houellebecq took part in a porn film

This is not a joke: Michel Houellebecq has indeed invited himself to the filming of a porn film shot in Amsterdam which should be released next March. In the trailer, he can be seen shoving huge shovels at an escort in a hotel room, which is enough to give us nightmares (and nausea) forever.

The pension reform has really demoralized us

We are going to retire at 64, great! And you, how does it feel to see Elisabeth Borne telling us that her pension reform is “no longer negotiable” when everyone is in the streets to fight against it? Us, it makes us want to break his electronic cigarette.

Darmanin obtained a dismissal for the accusation of rape of which he was the subject

We invite you to re-read his SMS exchanges with the complainant to form your own opinion. Anyway, we have ours.

And in addition he continues to express himself

In an interview at Parisianthe guy released crazy things like “Mr. Mélenchon and his friends defend a leftist idea, bobo, that of a society without work, without effort”, all because the French left is fighting against pension reform. This guy’s contempt is greater than the Sun.

M&M’s has removed its small mascots deemed too “woke” by American conservatives

The American Right considered purple M&M’s to be LGBT, so they put pressure on the candy brand, which ultimately decided to fold and drop its characters indefinitely. The world is walking a little bit on its head.

Comedian Adama Niane has died

He played Léonard, the evil kidnapper of Raoul in Lupineor even the VERY bad Guy Georges in The SK1 Affair, and he was only 56 years old. Dog of life.

Denis Brogniart is accused of moral harassment at work

The one who was one of our favorite animators is accused by several collaborators of having made humiliating remarks against them. Charges that seem more than serious since the person concerned publicly apologized to the people he “could have hurt”. Not you, Denis, not you…

Americans are burning books they deem heretical

Donald Trump had initiated a massive censorship movement against the culture that continues today among his most hardcore supporters. Indeed, dozens of Americans have begun to make great burnings where they sacrifice books they consider heretical, among which Harry Potter, which they believe advocates witchcraft and Satanism. We believe in Fahrenheit 451 (a book they will surely soon burn, too).

Pope Francis has called homosexuality a “sin”

The guy said that homosexuality was “not a crime” (nice) but “a sin” (not nice). In itself, we do not care that an old dope thinks that, alone in his corner, but the problem is that there, it is the Pope and that there are millions of faithful who drink his words . Homophobia still has a bright future ahead of it.

Christophe Maé announced his new album

We like him Chri-chri, but calling his album “Life is funny” is about as deep as “It’s cute with kittens” or “I like croissants at breakfast” .

We may have better luck in the next 11 months, but if we are to believe the Nostradamus predictions for 2023it could be all rotten too.