“The attraction for marginal beliefs has always existed”

The attraction for marginal beliefs has always

A significant proportion of young people are followers of conspiracy theories. This is at least what is shown, in France, a recent study conducted by the Ifop Institute (opinion and marketing institute) with a representative sample of 2,000 young people aged between 11 and 24. For example, the idea that we are being lied to … Read more

Netflix: after Family Business, this new comic series is a hit with Internet users (20 tweets)

Netflix after Family Business this new comic series is a

Two years later Simply Black which earned him the César for Best Male Newcomer, Jean-Pascal Zadi returns to the production and the poster ofIn place, series broadcast on Netflix. In this fiction which follows the presidential candidacy of Stéphane Bléan educator from the Parisian suburbs who has no experience in politics, Jean-Pascal Zadi offers a … Read more

Seine-et-Marne: Georgie Ozvan back with a thriller on the forest

1674323337 Seine et Marne Georgie Ozvan back with a thriller on the forest

Through Writing The Republic of Seine et Marne Published on 20 Jan 23 at 13:56 The Republic of Seine et Marne See my news Follow this media Gerogie Ozvan signed her book at the Leclerc center in Dammarie-lès-Lys ©PV/RSM77 Witchcraft, murders, paranormal events… Forests have always been at the center of human fantasies, before becoming … Read more

Harry Potter: la bande-annonce cinématique d’Hogwarts Legacy dévoilée !

Harry Potter la bande annonce cinematique dHogwarts Legacy devoilee

Le jeu vidéo “Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy” approche à grands pas. Une occasion de découvrir un nouveau trailer à couper le souffle. Bonne nouvelle pour les fans de l’univers « Harry Potter ». Une toute nouvelle bande-annonce cinématique du jeu vidéo « Hogwarts Legacy » vient d’être dévoilée. MCE TV vous dit tout de A à Z ! … Read more

Sayouba Traoré on secularism: Since you take it that way!

Sayouba Traore on secularism Since you take it that way

The sole purpose of this text is an objective debate. By asking the real questions. By not avoiding what annoys. An objective debate. Anyone with arguments is welcome. Anyone who spreads false explanations or disrespects his neighbor will be blocked. And his comment deleted. We will now do things in the open. In front of … Read more

T’zée: an African tragedy in five acts | LeMagduCine

1673835454 Tzee an African tragedy in five acts LeMagduCine

Like a classic tragedy, this graphic novel due to Apollo (script), Bruno (drawing) and Laurence Cross (colors) depicts the last gasps of a dictatorship, somewhere in central Africa, with its causes and consequences on the situation of the country and on some individuals. Act 1 is remarkable for the amount of information it provides, while … Read more

MV-Agusta 800 Dragster RR SCS 2023 – Motorcycle details – Motoplanete

1673810197 MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR SCS 2023 Motorcycle details.webp

Roadster Do you feel the influence of friends? While the Dragster created a real visual slap at its outputwhile putting a touch of old to the brutal, here it is which steals ideas from other models in the range. 2023 removes its tangential spoke rims for the no less spectacular wheels of the Superveloce 800 … Read more

“Through the refusal of dogmas, the new spiritual reject any institution that would impose on us what we should believe”

1673772748 Through the refusal of dogmas the new spiritual reject any

An Italian woman meditates after drinking ayahuasca in Nuevo Egipto, a remote village in Peru’s Amazon jungle on May 6, 2018. MARTIN MEJIA / AP In his book The New Roads of the Self (Arkhê, 320 pages, 19.90 euros), journalist Marc Bonomelli is interested in the different forms of spirituality that have emerged in recent … Read more

In the world of publishing, the sensitive issue of “sensitivity readers”

1673747890 In the world of publishing the sensitive issue of sensitivity

MARÍA MEDEM FOR M WORLD MAGAZINE Girls like us the first novel by the American of Filipino origin Daphne Palasi Andreades, 30, has just been published on January 12 in France. Brown Girls (its original title) retraces the trajectory of a cohort of girls and women from Queens, a popular district of New York. American … Read more