“As we celebrate the Day of Consecrated Life, we remember the mystical dimension of our commitment”

As we celebrate the Day of Consecrated Life we remember

Sister Christiane Baka Interview Every year, the Catholic Church celebrates the Day of Consecrated Life on February 2. “How can consecrated life be a gift? » wonders on this occasion Mother Christiane Baka, nun of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Peace in Côte d’Ivoire, of which she has been Superior General since … Read more

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Take Care of the Action Dimension

The Solar Plexus Chakra Take Care of the Action Dimension

Business Chakras The size of the action; the place of corporate power Its Sanskrit name is Manipura from the Sanskrit mani meaning “gem” and pura meaning “city”. It can be translated as the “city of jewels”. Symbolically, it can be imagined as the place where the “treasure” is found, the jewel that illuminates its environment … Read more

The economic dimension of believing

The economic dimension of believing

The newspaper Time recently reflected the serious financial difficulties encounteredby the Protestant Church of Geneva: “Beset by a constant drop in donations, the institutionnun is looking for emergency solutions to get back on its feet”. Read: The Protestant Church of Geneva faces serious financial difficulties The avenues mentioned in this article can be summarized as … Read more

The root chakra: taking care of the dimension of the foundations

The root chakra taking care of the dimension of the

Read previous articles on chakrasChakras in business or how to release entrepreneurial energyThe company’s chakras: 4 dimensions carrying meaning and balance Business Chakras The Sanskrit term for the root chakra is Muladhara, which means the foundation or foundation support. It is linked to the earth, to the concrete, to the material, to the visible. It … Read more

La dimension collective du mal à travers l’histoire sous la forme d’un empire ou d’une dictature

La dimension collective du mal a travers lhistoire sous la

S’il faut croire la Bible, l’homme a confronté le mal depuis sa genèse. Mais le réveil de la conscience de se voir approprier la nature du mal a dû attendre l’ère chrétienne pour découvrir ses attributs et apprécier ses risques. Le mal n’a pas vu pour autant son activité s’amenuiser. Ses différentes facettes, depuis l’acte … Read more

[Vodun3/3]: Father Adékambi: “What makes Christians return to the Fa is its dimension and its divinatory truth”

Vodun33 Father Adekambi What makes Christians return to the Fa

Father Moïse Adekambi/ Credit Charles Ayetan Friday, January 10, Beninese celebrate the Vodun festival. A law dating from August 20, 1997 confers a legal and permanent framework to the celebration of this festival whose day of incidence is public holiday and paid on all the extent of the national territory. On this occasion, La Croix … Read more

La Relax-danSe®, to enter the shamanic dimension of dance

The room is plunged into silence. Participants lie on the ground, lulled by soft music and the voice of the guide. Little by little, the rhythm changes, the bodies find themselves in a standing position, explore the space, meet, create their spontaneous dance individually, then together. This is the visible dimension of Relax-danSeⓡ. But beyond … Read more