Venerable Teresa Chicaba, Ghanaian mystic

Venerable Teresa Chicaba Ghanaian mystic

Teresa Chikaba spiritual figure On December 6, the Church commemorates Venerable Teresa Chicaba, a mystic of Ghanaian origin. Father Adéchina Samson Takpé, priest of the diocese of Dassa-Zoumé (South-Benin) and doctoral student in liturgy at the University of Vallendar (Germany) offers a presentation of his life and his virtues. Chicaba (1) is a Ghanaian princess … Read more

Novak Djokovic, a tennis player at the service of mysticism

NOTovak Djokovic would probably have done without such a chaotic start to the year. Initially authorized to travel to Australia to defend his chances at the first grand slam tournament of the season, the Serb is still in uncertainty. On Monday, a judge revoked the cancellation of his visa by the Australian authorities and ordered … Read more

6 mystical works by Pasolini

6 mystical works by Pasolini

♦ Popular: “Accattone” (1961) “Accattone”, 1961, by Pier Paolo Pasolini. / Arco Film/Cino del Duca/CHRISTOPHEL COLLECTION From his first film, which depicts the tribulations of a small pimp, Accattone (Franco Citti), in the suburbs of Rome, the filmmaker affirms the complex relations he maintains with a Catholicism whose popular rituals and aesthetics permeated his Friulian … Read more

Rasputin: what was his link with the “erotic-mystical” sect of the Khlysts?

Grigory Efimovitch Rasputin was probably born in January 1869 in Proskrovoye in the district of Tyumen, a region of Western Siberia, on the borders of the Urals. He grew up in a very pious family of small landowners. Very early, Rasputin manifests divinatory gifts. Grigori even claims to have apparitions of the Virgin Mary. To … Read more

Top 5 of the most mystical countries in Africa: Senegal 2nd in the ranking

Top 5 of the most mystical countries in Africa Senegal

To speak of mysticism or mysticism amounts, to a certain extent, to taking an interest in a socio-cultural reality, let us say in a practice-truth-belief. The latter, if we offer ourselves the means to question some stages of human history, seems never to cease to show itself, with a certain acuity, that it founds our … Read more

Créature ou mysticisme, le doute est permis dans “The Essex Serpent”

Apple TV+ vient de dévoiler une première bande-annonce pour ce show attendu au mois de mai, porté par Claire Danes et Tom Hiddleston. Dans la féroce guerre du streaming qui se joue actuellement, nombreuses sont les plateformes qui essaient de se démarquer avec des contenus toujours plus innovants et attractifs. Face aux poids lourds Netflix … Read more

The spirituality in images of Madeleine Delbrêl, the mystique of Ivry-sur-Seine

The spirituality in images of Madeleine Delbrel the mystique of

The Parables of Madeleine Delbrêl, a spirituality in pictures by Olivier Belleil Ed. of the Beatitudes, 230 p., €17.80 For Madeleine Delbrêl (1904-1964), “the use of narratives and metaphors is (…) a way of imitating and resembling his Master Jesus, and of expressing the beauty and richness of life according to the Gospel in a … Read more