The most mystical tours of Paris

1675101645 2 The most mystical tours of Paris

For go off the beaten trackwhy not discover Paris from an angle esoteric, occult or mystical, which is also part of the history of the capital? Try the experience with our selection of the best unusual visits for see the city differently.

Paris of the Freemasons

History, symbols, famous members… Freemasonry will have no more secrets for you after this unusual walk around the Louvre. The guide will decipher with you the many signs present on the magnificent facades of this emblematic monument, and will know make the subject approachable both amateurs and initiates. Fans of fanciful theories, go your way, because this visit will reveal the true history of true freemasons ! Check the next dates here.

The Louvre pyramid

Bewitched Paris

With its 2000 years of history, the capital has seen mystical characters ! But do you know the parisian witches ? Who were they, how were they recognized, what were they accused of? During this unusual visit you will discover their origins but also their secrets, and even some ingredients of their magic potions…. To book, it’s here.

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Paris of the alchemists

Pierce the secret of the philosopher’s stone to transform lead into gold and prolong human life: this is what the alchemists. This discipline full of mysteries has fascinated many scholars – who have sometimes dedicated their lives and have gone down in history – and inspired many writers. This unusual visit invites you to discover how Paris witnessed this symbolic and intriguing questBook your tickets by clicking here!

The inn of Nicolas Flamel, the most famous alchemist

Legends of Paris

From the Louvre to Notre-Dame, you will discover all the mysteries and legends of the cradle of Paris: secrets of ghost from the Tuileries to the ironwork of the devil, passing by the bloodthirsty barber of rue Chanoinesse… Follow us on this walk combining historical anecdotes and urban legendsand enter the dark side of the city of light! The next dates are available by clicking here.

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Paris of the Templars

Templars, Alchemists, Rose-Croix… so many names and mysteries that feed our collective memory! Go on the traces of these communities, who marked the history and the streets of Paris, thanks to this visit to the heart of the temple district. It will allow you to decipher the signs that still recall their presence and will offer you an exciting philosophical and esoteric reading of our dear capital. Find the next dates in our online calendar.

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The vsurprise visit

Paris Zigzag has launched the very first surprise visit to Paris: you will discover a district unknown to Parisians which hides magnificent chapels invisible from the outside, a unexpected vegetable garden in the heart of the city, atypical facades, full of unusual stories… but we can’t tell you more, otherwise it won’t be a surprise! To surprise you, just click here.

The most mystical tours of Paris


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The most mystical tours of Paris

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