Harry Potter: 25 years old this year, the people of Tours still just as big fans!

It was also that year that a very young bespectacled wizard appeared in bookstores: Harry Potter, born of the fertile imagination of JK Rowling. What is the story ? Impossible not to know Harry Potter. Or you haven’t lived on Earth for the past 25 years. Harry Potter is this young wizard born under the … Read more

Fireworks, tomatoes, pumpkins, Japan, festivals… 13 events for your weekend in Touraine – Info Tours

Dwayne Johnson Reacts To Hawkman And Dr Fates Detailed Toys

On Fridays on Info Tours we select a series of outing ideas that we like for the weekend. And there is a big hairy program. Here are our favourites… In the ground… Saturday the Botanical Garden of Tours puts on the colors of Japan with animations and workshops around the art of living in the … Read more