AnthropoScenes Festival. Corine Sombrun brings you into a trance

AnthropoScenes Festival Corine Sombrun brings you into a trance

By Sophie Bordier Published on 4 May 22 at 18:02 The Dispatch Evreux See my news Follow this media Following her personal experience, Corine Sombrun founded the TranseScience Institute. (©Philippe Dobrowolska) Until May 15, the festival The AnthropoScenes proposes a highlighting of the relationship of human beings with their environment. Valerie Baran, director of the … Read more

Pain, stress, and if trance helped us to live better?

Pain stress and if trance helped us to live better

Trance. A feeling of leaving his body. Uncontrolled tremors. A tenfold strength… the testimonies of individuals who have experienced a shamanic trance are as surprising as they are incomprehensible. In the film by Fabienne Berthaud “A bigger world », we see a woman in a trance hitting herself while howling wolf cries during a shamanic … Read more

“Trance” as a therapeutic tool is studied in Liège, but what is it exactly?

Are we all capable of going into a trance? Can this second state – which we associate with shamans – be a therapeutic tool? A study in this direction has just been launched at the University Hospital of Liège (with ULiège) and will, for the first time, be conducted with patients. Science has recently taken … Read more