CBD, yoga, personal development books… The well-being market is not experiencing the crisis

Anxiety, depression, insomnia: the French have low morale. To the delight of anti-stress product merchants, who promise anxious people a little serenity thanks to their more or less inexpensive products. With the health crisis, the sales of these well-being merchants have leapt over the past two years. And it is not the founder of Morphée … Read more

Personal year in numerology, how to do your calculations?

To display Hide the table of contents There are many divinatory arts which make it possible to know elements of its future. Numerology is a discipline based on numbers. By the way, there are several numbers in numerology. For example, life path, number of expressions, the ancestral number, etc. all these numbers can be calculated … Read more

Full pink moon of April 16, 2022: the time to clean up our professional and personal relationships

After the climax of the strong Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces who brightened up our week, the full moon of April 16, 2022 will take us to the depths of our soul. Objective ? Spring cleaning our emotions to find harmony and balance in our lives. A quest for appeasement necessary before the stirring season of … Read more

Numerology: how to calculate your personal number and your life path?

Numerology allows everyone to know themselves better. It is also a divinatory art. Let’s discover together the numbers that govern our lives. The numerology is to study the numbers that govern our lives. This study makes it possible to obtain various information on the future, on the destiny but also on the character of each … Read more