Une jeune laïque, une religieuse mystique et quatre prêtres reconnus vénérables

Une jeune laique une religieuse mystique et quatre pretres reconnus

À l’issue d’une audience accordée le 19 janvier 2023 au préfet du Dicastère pour les causes des saints, le cardinal Marcello Semeraro, le pape François a autorisé la promulgation de décrets reconnaissant les vertus héroïques de quatre prêtres, une religieuse et une laïque.  Quatre Italiens et deux Espagnols sont donc désormais considérés comme « vénérables » … Read more

Touhfat Mouhtare: “Women are instrumentalized, but are not necessarily aware of it” – Jeune Afrique

Touhfat Mouhtare Women are instrumentalized but are not necessarily aware

We had read in raw green by Touhfat Mouhtarean excellent novel and a promise: that of an author to follow. middle fire confirms all the good that we thought of the Comorian writer born in 1986 in Moroni. Gaillard is a young servant in the city of Itsandra, in the Comoros. One day when she … Read more

Du Mali au Burkina : le sorcier Macron et les petits démons, par François Soudan – Jeune Afrique

Du Mali au Burkina le sorcier Macron et les petits

Depuis sa première édition, en 1946, on a entendu à l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU deux types de discours. Ceux – la grande majorité – qui passent inaperçus, prononcés à une heure tardive devant une poignée de délégués somnolents. Et ceux, beaucoup plus rares, dont l’Histoire se souvient de par la densité de leur contenu et … Read more

Dating at the witch court – Jeune Afrique

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It was a priori an impossible task: to film the invisible. Yet this is what filmmakers Corto Vaclav and Hadrien La Vapeur have been working on for several years, filming in Congo-Brazzaville. They made original documentaries there, evoking mysticism, black magic and witchcraft through a look at the practices and conflicts linked to these ubiquitous … Read more

Psychiatry and mental illness in Africa: the omerta continues – Jeune Afrique

Psychiatry and mental illness in Africa the omerta continues

For more than fifty years, I have been a psychiatrist entirely devoted to the cause of the mentally ill. At almost 80 years old and for ten years, I have devoted my retirement to humanitarian missions in several African countries. As my long career comes to an end and these missions will soon no longer … Read more

DRC – Child witches: putting an end to their ordeal – Jeune Afrique

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In Central Africa, the phenomenon of child sorcerers has caused much ink to flow. Especially in DR Congo, where thousands of children are rejected by their parents and by society. Accused of being cursed, they are called “sorcerers” and held responsible for the ills suffered by their loved ones and their community. Casimir Mpetshi Etshindo, … Read more

The “night husbands”, between witchcraft and capitalism – Jeune Afrique

A book can be a little time bomb. Professor of sociology and anthropology at the Omar-Bongo University in Libreville, Joseph Tonda discreetly tried to drop his by publishing, last May with Karthala editions, Afrodystopia. Life in another’s dream. Had it exploded, he would have already been excommunicated from the community of African intellectuals for intelligence … Read more