Arielle Dombasle in mourning: her mystical and very personal tribute to a deceased loved one

In this month of July, Arielle Domnasle lost one of her dearest friends, the writer Francis Dorléans. To pay tribute to him in her own way, the actress shared a mystical video on her Instagram account.

Sad summer for Arielle Dombasle. Bernard-Henri-Lévy’s wife has lost one of her relatives, the writer Francis Dorléans. In order to share her pain, the actress took to Instagram to post a video paying homage to him, Dombasle style.

We see Arielle, then her dear friend, with the soft voice of the actress posed. Among other things, there are images of the singer’s clip in which her friend had participated. This is the clip The Palace of the Virgin Queen.

Arielle Dombasle “You were our Francis…”

In addition to her video and her voice on it, Arielle Dombasle copied the lyrics from this mini clip in the caption of her post. Moved and poetic, the actress could not hide her sadness at the loss of this dear friend: “Farewell Frances. You left us, you went to another world like a mysterious sphynx. You always received us in your magic hall of mirrors! Aquatic lounge 20,000 leagues under the sea… Here, to shoot our little film “The Palace of the Virgin Queen”. Marie, the dancers, Vincent, Christian… You were our friend. The great smuggler of elegance, chic, nonchalance… With this grace, always… You were our Francis…she confided.

The actress is all the more saddened thatshe had also suffered the loss of her songwriter friend Nicolas Ker, with whom she had collaborated on many pieces (Mezzo Voce, Carthagena…). He died in July 2021, a full year before the disappearance of Francis Dorléans.

It has been two summers since the singer is struck by mourning and sees her days less sunny than usual. Courage Ariel.

Arielle Dombasle in mourning: her mystical and very personal tribute to a deceased loved one

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