In the Croix-Rouge district of Reims, a deal point advertises on the walls

1675347733 In the Croix Rouge district of Reims a deal point advertises

From the tram station on the Red Cross campus, it is impossible not to see an advertisement promoting a deal point. The customer just has to follow the arrows. Published: January 31, 2023 at 1:42 p.m. Reading time: 3 mins One of the dealing points in the Croix-Rouge district in Reims has just offered itself … Read more

Time for yourself: near Reims, the monastery offers you a spiritual break

Why walking is a good exercise to lose weight

Posted on 4/08/2022 at 09:00 By Antoine Overcoat Reims (Marne) , Saint-Thierry (Marne) The Benedictines of Saint-Thierry regularly welcome pilgrims and people in search of healing. Their doors remain open during this month of August. And if you take advantage of these holidays to recharge your batteries? To take stock of your life, check that … Read more