Disney World attraction deemed racist closes, its water is auctioned off on eBay

Taken from a 1946 film deemed racist, the “Splash Mountain” attraction at Disney World park in Florida closed its doors on January 23. A heartbreak for the fans that some visitors have found a way to monetize. On the eBay platform, they are auctioning water that they say they have taken on site. Requests are pouring in.

Water with strong sentimental value. Souvenirs and items related to the Splash Mountain water attraction at Disney World American Park, Florida, snapped up on the eBay online sales platform. A trend born from the closure of this aquatic train in the shape of a log. And one type of product is particularly on the rise: the water samples that sellers say they took on the last day the attraction was open, report several American media including CNN and FoxNews.

The Mountain Splash attraction at Disney World, Florida, has closed its doors permanently.
The Mountain Splash attraction at Disney World, Florida, has closed its doors permanently. © BRYAN R. SMITH / AFP

A bottle at auction at more than 9000€

On the site, just type “Splash Mountain” to find a long list of jars, plastic bags and bottles filled with water whose prices start around 50 € (without postage) for a small jar for go up to 150€ for the largest containers.

An offer for a plastic bottle also stands out because the auctions reach, at the time of writing this article, 9263.93€, not including the more than 1800€ of VAT. If the seller appears reliable (more than 1,200 sales made and a satisfaction rate of 97.5%), it is difficult to say if the bidders are as reliable. There are about forty hours left before the transaction is completed and it is possible to cancel an auction up to 12 hours before the time limit.

Bidding for this bottle exceeds $10,000.
Bidding for this bottle exceeds $10,000. © Screenshot – BFMTV

Other souvenir items with the “Splash Mountain” logo are sold on the site for significant sums, such as a watch, a pin (€60), a t-shirt (€100), a board game (€200) or even a watch ( 730€).

Another symbol of the enthusiasm of the fans of the attraction, it was necessary to wait up to 220 minutes in the queue to sit in a log at the height of its attendance, according to the specialized Twitter account Thrill Data.

An attraction deemed racist

The closure of the park and the nostalgia of some enthusiasts are part of the controversy that has been agitating the park for about several years. The attraction, inaugurated in 1989, is indeed based on the film Southern Melodyan animated film released in 1946 which sets its action in the years following the American Civil War and which is accused of racism because of the stereotypical representation made of black people.

Accusations that contrast with the values ​​of inclusion defended today by Disney which have resulted in particular in a diversification of the profiles of its characters, support for the Black Lives Matter movement as well as activists fighting against anti-LGBTQI + legislation in Florida and which have also drawn the wrath of the local authorities.

These developments have led the company to announce in 2020 the closure of the attraction at Disney World, in Florida therefore, as well as its version in Disneyland Park in California. They must eventually be replaced by attractions on the theme of the film The princess and the Frogreleased in 2009. The Japanese version of the attraction should however remain open, Disney having not communicated on this subject.

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Disney World attraction deemed racist closes, its water is auctioned off on eBay

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