In the Croix-Rouge district of Reims, a deal point advertises on the walls

From the tram station on the Red Cross campus, it is impossible not to see an advertisement promoting a deal point. The customer just has to follow the arrows.

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One of the dealing points in the Croix-Rouge district in Reims has just offered itself a free advertising campaign. Jotting down the products available, the prices and opening hours of the “trade” is a common practice among dealers, but those of the Eisenhower esplanade, a stone’s throw from the campus and its tram station, did a lot: impossible to not seeing their “advertising”, as they used to say.

“Ground open 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.”, “Go straight up the slope”, “Beuh, coke, hash”, is it written in giant letters, in fluorescent green paint, with price indications, on the wall of a medical analysis laboratory, at the corner of rue Pierre-Taittinger and allée Maurice-Lemaître . The customer only has to follow the arrows (painted on the facade, on the ground and even on the bins) to go up the alley and arrive at the place of sale, at the top of a small staircase, on the Eisenhower esplanade side, where he can stock up on cocaine, weed and cannabis resin. Attention, the house does not make credit, can we read. A message is also sent to the representatives of the law.

Even containers are put to use.
Even containers are put to use.

Ideally located with its nearby tram station (the customer just has to get off the train and cross rue Pierre-Taittinger), this deal point has long been identified by the police. The arrests are recurrent there, without preventing other small hands from taking over.

The deal point is ideally located, a few steps from a tram station.
The deal point is ideally located, a few steps from a tram station.

The traffic leaders were however discreet until now, without appearing in broad daylight with a lot of tags. “They did it the first time last week”, we say to the medical analysis laboratory. One of the panes had been completely covered with an inscription in black paint indicating the direction to follow to find “only good” and of “the fear” (“strike” in verlan, a term commonly used in the neighborhoods to designate good quality cannabis).

Alerted, the municipal services had come to clean the window. They will have to come back. According to the neighborhood, these new tags date from the night of Sunday January 29 to Monday January 30. “I came to the bins last time on Sunday evening, there was nothing”says a resident. “It’s unfortunate for the children who pass here to see that. »

Inflation is everywhere

In 48 hours, has inflation inflated prices? This Tuesday, the five grams initially sold for 20 euros were highlighted in red at 30 euros, 50 euros for the ten grams offered at 40 euros when making the tag. Was the editor wrong? Did someone passing by have fun distorting the prices?

Still, this wild publicity has become an attraction: many people stop or make the detour to photograph it, while a few others wonder: wouldn’t all this be a joke committed to the detriment of the dealers? To focus the attention of the authorities and break the business, there is no better. Or else, staggering feeling of impunity.

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In the Croix-Rouge district of Reims, a deal point advertises on the walls

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