Disney World attraction deemed racist closes, its water is auctioned off on eBay

1674755987 Disney World attraction deemed racist closes its water is auctioned

Taken from a 1946 film deemed racist, the “Splash Mountain” attraction at Disney World park in Florida closed its doors on January 23. A heartbreak for the fans that some visitors have found a way to monetize. On the eBay platform, they are auctioning water that they say they have taken on site. Requests are … Read more

Paddle yoga: what do you need to know before getting in the water?

Paddle yoga what do you need to know before getting

Verified on 19/01/2023 by PasseportSanté Yoga with goats or kittens, yoga with a beer in hand or even yoga suspended in the air by rubber bands… In recent years, yoga styles more atypical than each other have emerged. Among them, paddle yoga imported directly from North America (also called SUP yoga for Stand Up Paddle … Read more

Chinese horoscope 2023: which signs will be the luckiest in the year of the water rabbit!

Chinese horoscope 2023 which signs will be the luckiest in.webp

January 22 marks the start of the Lunar New Year, otherwise known as the Chinese New Year. And according to the Chinese calendar, the year 2023 will happen under the sign of the rabbit. The latter is characterized by dynamism, courage, longevity and above all hope. This is good, because we will need a little … Read more

VIDEO. Get in shape after the holidays: drink water and use the bottles to do dumbbells

VIDEO Get in shape after the holidays drink water and

This is the eleventh episode of our health and well-being program. In “So We Move in the region”, today, place dumbbells to strengthen the upper body: build up your arms and improve your cardio thanks to boxing movements. After the feasts at the end of 2022, make way for a healthy body! We have the … Read more

Chinese New Year 2023, year of the water rabbit: how to know your astrological sign?

Chinese New Year 2023 year of the water rabbit how

By Johann Foucault Published on 4 Jan 23 at 20:23 News See my news Follow this media The year 2023 is the year of the water rabbit according to Chinese astrology. It will begin on Chinese New Year, January 22. (©Belkin & Co / Adobe Stock) If since 1er January 2023, we have moved on … Read more

Air, Earth, Water, Fire: your compatibility in love according to the astrological elements – Elle

Air Earth Water Fire your compatibility in love according to

Did you know: your astrological sign or sun sign is not the only detail capable of telling you more about your love compatibilities. Astrology is a wide world. A subtle art that reveals your potential, your strengths, your faults, your dreams, your ambitions or even who are the people with whom you get along the … Read more

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water, a dazzling spectacle lasting almost 3h15

Avatar 2 The Way of the Water a dazzling spectacle

Ten years after the visual shock of Avatar in 3D, James Cameron immerses his digital epic under the sea for an extraordinary cinematic experience. Meeting – grandiose – with the team ofAvatar: The way of water. The sacred dimension of water is central to the philosophy of the film. © Prod. We must be ready … Read more

Avatar: The Way of the Water – James Cameron – review

Summary : Jake Sully and Ney’tiri have formed a family and do everything to stay as close together as possible. However, they are forced to leave their homes and explore the different still mysterious regions of Pandora. When an old threat resurfaces, Jake will have to fight an uphill war against the humans. Critical : … Read more

“Avatar 2”: Is James Cameron signing a grandiose film with “The Way of the Water”?

Free daily horoscope what does Thursday December 8 2022 have

It took viewers 13 years to return to Pandora. Remember, in 2009, James Cameron unveiled the story of‘Avatar. An ambitious film with a substantial budget (315 million dollars) which had been thought up in 1995, during the preproduction of titanic. The feature film, when it was released, amazed the public thanks to its clever and … Read more